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So all the stat nerds’ whining and complaining finally got ’em somewhere, as 2013 marks the first time that the Rawlings Gold Glove award voting took into account advanced defensive metrics, which I still don’t understand.  I’m sure you’ve already read 15 articles about it today, so I’m not going […]

Source Another day, another catcher makes a concussion-related switch. Only this time, the switch was made because of the threat of a concussion, not because of an actual one. Travis d’Arnaud switched from an Under Armour Traditional mask to a hockey-style mask as a preventative measure for head injuries. He wanted more coverage […]

Got a few gems from @GeminiKeez this morning.  Vote for your fresh pick in the poll below. Also, Nike Baseball tweeted a couple looks at their special cleat for Mariano’s retirement: The links: New Balance 4040 (also see the newer 4040v2) Rawlings PROTB24 (Delmon Young) Mizuno 9 Spike Swagger 2 New […]

Glove Custom Wilson A2000 G5 (the link is a SuperSkin version—Middlebrooks does not wear SuperSkin) Middlebrooks wears the 11.75″ G5, a single post reinforced web that you can only get through WilsonCustomGloves.com.  The G5 is a quarter inch bigger than the middle infielder’s G4.  Unfortunately, you can’t create Middlebrook’s all black […]

Our boy Gemini Keez is getting better and better as the season wears on, giving us an up-close view of the gear we want to see.  Check out the Marlins’ and Mets’ gear choices from this past weekend and vote on your favorite piece below. Wilson A2K DW5 Rawlings Heart […]

A quick gallery thanks to WPW’s eyes on the field, @GeminiKeez.  You can find some other gear-related shots on his website, KeezOnSports.com.  The guy just GETS IT. Here’s the links to the gear pictured: Rawlings PROS17ICBR NIKEiD Gamer Cleats Nike Air Max Plus UA Spine Venom New Balance 4040v2 adidas […]

Here’s some links you might be interested in as I head out of town for the weekend: More on the rampant concussions and the titanium vs. steel argument (that Noah broke down for us the other day) from TwinCities.com The 1967 Oakland A’s, the originators of the fresh whites, had to […]

Got some good news for the Marucci faithful out there. Marucci fielding gloves, a popular topic on WPW forums in recent months, will go on sale Wednesday September 4th at 5 AM until Friday September 6th at 5 AM CST in a limited pre-sale on MarucciSports.com.  Marucci is the current leather […]

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