Marucci to Hold Limited Pre-Sale of Fielding Gloves This Week (Details/Photos) via @MarucciSports


Got some good news for the Marucci faithful out there.


Marucci fielding gloves, a popular topic on WPW forums in recent months, will go on sale Wednesday September 4th at 5 AM until Friday September 6th at 5 AM CST in a limited pre-sale on MarucciSports.com.  Marucci is the current leather of choice for Bryce Harper and Chase Utley among others, though they have never offered gloves to the public.  What do you think?  Can Marucci compete with the Rawlings and Wilsons of the world?

To coincide with the release, former MLB player and Marucci co-founder Kurt Ainsworth will be live tweeting starting at 6pm on Wednesday to answer any questions you may have glove-related.

As for the gloves, here are the exact models you’ll see available at the start of the pre-sale this Wednesday:

Glove Models: 

  • Outfielder’s 12.75 inch H-Web in Black
  • Pitcher’s 12 inch 2-Piece Web in Black
  • Infielder’s 11.5 inch T-Web 11.5 in Camel
  • Infielder’s 11.25 inch I-Web in Camel (Utley‘s gamer, right-handed throw only)

And finally, we get a look at Marucci’s first models to be sold:

For more of what to expect, here’s a look back at Chase Utley’s beauty:

What do you think?  Can Marucci’s player-designed product stand up to the best glove-makers in the world?  Been waiting too long?  I’ll be interested to see your votes/thoughts here:

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