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Category: <span>Baseball History</span>

It wasn’t the first maple bat used in major league baseball, but it is the most important.  Barry Bonds’ 2K1 from Sam Bat, for better or worse, ushered in the most radical change to the game of baseball since the introduction of the aluminum bat. In hitting, business and life, timing […]

This off-season we’re taking inventory.  We’ve done enough research to make a pretty accurate assessment of brand popularity around the MLB, so we’re breaking down the most popular glove brands among the MLBs best (we did this with bats, too).  We’ve done 79 player profiles so far, and in the […]

Great season and a great championship team.  Papi is a Hall of Famer.  When do pitchers and catchers report?? Here’s the second half of our Gold Glove feature, this time starring the National League. Adam Wainwright – Mizuno Pro Limited Adam Wainwright wears a custom version of the most expensive […]

Who is baseball’s all-time hits leader? If you said Pete Rose, you’re wrong. No man in the sport’s history can claim as many knocks (or subsequent mound visits) as our guest today, Jack Hillerich III, Louisville Slugger’s former CEO and current Chairman of the Board. From 1969 until 2001, Jack […]

Here’s some links you might be interested in as I head out of town for the weekend: More on the rampant concussions and the titanium vs. steel argument (that Noah broke down for us the other day) from TwinCities.com The 1967 Oakland A’s, the originators of the fresh whites, had to […]

“I don’t make speeches. I let my bat speak for me in the summertime.” -Honus Wagner He was one of the first 5 men inducted into the Hall of Fame, arguably the greatest shortstop in baseball history, and yet is most widely known for a baseball card he didn’t even […]

When Hillerich and Bradsby wanted to display a truly epic example of their best work, they chose the bat profile created for the most legendary player ever, Babe Ruth, a model R43. The R43 wasn’t Ruth’s first bat with the company, he apparently first ordered the R2, which he used […]

Hitting .259 with 37 home runs in a five year minor league career will not normally earn you a place in history, but Les Pinkham, who played in the Tigers and Cardinals organizations from 1950-1954, continues to influence the game.  The bat he ordered from Hillerich and Bradsby, now called […]

Here at WPW, when it comes to bringing you the most accurate gear-related information, we leave no stone un-turned.  If you don’t believe me, ask our bat man Rocky, who took the time to go back and watch the 2012 All Star Game so we could report back to you […]

I saw this little ad on Facebook today, Louisville claiming it was the “#1 bat at the All Star Game… 80 years and counting.” Being that I’ve personally researched just about every one of those dudes’ equipment choices, I wasn’t so sure about Slugger’s boastfulness, and I couldn’t just stand […]

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