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Mets first baseman and outfielder, Dominic Smith, is a glove collector. When we visited, he had eight (!) in his locker, including infield, outfield, and first base mitts. Dom was kind enough to take us through each one! If you’re considering purchasing one of Dom’s items, support these videos and […]

Cy deGrom and the New York Mets head into 2019 after one of the most exciting off-seasons of any team, adding Robby Cano, Edwin Diaz, Wilson Ramos, and Jed Lowrie among others.  With an already strong rotation, the team and its ownership will expect to contend.  WPW was on-field ahead […]

Curtis Granderson checks in with WPW about his new gamer for this year. He talks about how he’s getting it ready for Opening Day 2016, and why he chose an H-Web over a Trap-eze.  We also touch on the off-field style in the Metropolitan clubhouse.  Here’s a few more looks at […]

The 2015 MLB Playoffs have been a showcase for a fully refreshed MLB that is exploding with talent, like Kyle Schwarber making history for the Cubbies, the Blue Jays bomb squad, and Carlos Correa and the Astros’ coming out party.  The future of Major League Baseball is looking as bright as ever.  And it starts […]

Another quick post before the weekend, Gemini Keez is back for a new season of unrivaled gear photography, this time starring Derek Jeter in his final Subway Series.  Find more amazing photography from Keez on his Instagram and on his website, KeezOnSports.com. No idea what Daisuke was thinking with those. […]

Curtis Granderson is as classy as it gets in the Big Leagues.  He’s a tremendous leader on the field as well as off it, with a commitment to his community that many athletes feign, but few actually live by.  Granderson has always shown appreciation for Jackie Robinson and what he […]

It was an interesting year with lots of changes and oddities. The front brim skull cap made plenty of appearances and catchers really started to switch masks because of concussions. Like in football, things are starting to change. People are becoming more aware of the back swings to the head […]

Source Another day, another catcher makes a concussion-related switch. Only this time, the switch was made because of the threat of a concussion, not because of an actual one. Travis d’Arnaud switched from an Under Armour Traditional mask to a hockey-style mask as a preventative measure for head injuries. He wanted more coverage […]

Our boy Gemini Keez is getting better and better as the season wears on, giving us an up-close view of the gear we want to see.  Check out the Marlins’ and Mets’ gear choices from this past weekend and vote on your favorite piece below. Wilson A2K DW5 Rawlings Heart […]

A quick gallery thanks to WPW’s eyes on the field, @GeminiKeez.  You can find some other gear-related shots on his website, KeezOnSports.com.  The guy just GETS IT. Here’s the links to the gear pictured: Rawlings PROS17ICBR NIKEiD Gamer Cleats Nike Air Max Plus UA Spine Venom New Balance 4040v2 adidas […]

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