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Anybody else wake up with a little extra pep in their step today? Here’s a surprise, especially with our recent sighting of Josh Donaldson leaving Rawlings and breaking in a Mizuno glove.  Marucci, not Mizuno, has won Donaldson’s heart after a long relationship with Rawlings.  The Bringer of Rain will don […]

The 2018 offseason will be memorable for its weirdness.  The business of baseball is in transition. Surefire Big Leaguers are still home on the couch while teams shamelessly tank their 2018 season before it even begins. What’s happening? The same question can be asked of the equipment landscape, where a […]

Josh Donaldson, a long-time Rawlings guy, was photographed by WPW wearing a Mizuno Pro Limited glove today.  As we understand it, Donaldson has left Rawlings for good, and though we can’t yet confirm he’s going to be rocking a Mizuno glove in 2018 game action, it appears Mizuno is at […]

BY IAN BURGESS Over the past several years, there has been an emergence in MLB players who have used the Custom Cleats Inc. service to turn their favorite sneakers (mostly Nike/Jordan basketball or training shoes) into spikes to use in-game. The charge for a pair of Custom Cleats includes all […]

We’ve been moving around the infield, listing our favorite gloves at shortstop and second base.  Now we take a look at the hot corner. The third basemen in this group keep their glove designs clean, but, as any legit third baseman knows, a 3B glove looks best dirty. 6. David Wright […]

BY BEN STOCKTON As a look back on the year that was in baseball footwear, I’ve compiled a list of five cleats that I found to be especially meaningful in 2016. I used a few criteria to decide which cleats would make the cut. Since this past season was by […]

When WPW went to Blue Jays’ Camp this spring, we saw Donaldson with a black and blue Rawlings PRONP5. He seemed happy.  Everything seemed great between Donaldson and his black beauty. Donaldson noted that he uses Pro Preferred leather on the outer shell and Heart of the Hide leather on […]

When AL MVP Josh Donaldson isn’t bringing rain, he’s snatching would-be-doubles out of the sky at third base.  As one of the best third basemen ON THE PLANET, we really enjoyed picking his brain on his gear and strategies, and JD was happy to talk about it.  The biggest thing I […]

Josh Donaldson just posted this mock-up on Instagram (@tos_bor20) of his upcoming Swingman cleats for 2016.  All we know is that they are Swingman, and by the looks of them, they are a souped up version of the Swingman Legend, seen below. The Swingman Legend (shop here) has a prominent strap […]

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