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WPW’s 6 Best Third Base Gloves: Kris Bryant, Donaldson, Arenado, Machado

We’ve been moving around the infield, listing our favorite gloves at shortstop and second base.  Now we take a look at the hot corner.

The third basemen in this group keep their glove designs clean, but, as any legit third baseman knows, a 3B glove looks best dirty.

6. David Wright – Wilson A2K DW5 Glove

David Wright

David Wright

Wright missed a lot of time during the season – but played enough so that we could get a look at his gamer: a coal, blue, and orange DW5 that looks filthy in person.

David Wright’s gamer is 12″, has an H-web, and has a deep yet narrow pocket. Wright wanted something a little different than other 12″ models offered, so he asked Wilson for his own pattern. They hooked him up.

Shop the DW5 here.

5. Manny Machado – Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRONP5 Glove

Manny Machado

(Source: Keith Allison)

Manny Machado

Machado’s glove design is something new from him – not orange, not all black with some orange and white flash, instead a chocolate and black colorway.

This one-of-a-kind design is gorgeous. The glove does not match Orioles’ team colors, but the chocolate looks rich and the gray lacing pops.

Shop Machado’s game glove here.

4. Evan Longoria – Wilson A2000 EL3 Glove

Evan Longoria Glove

(Source: Keith Allison)


Longoria’s orange tan gamer is simple yet sweet. Orange tan is an incredible looking color, but is rare in the MLB for some reason.

Evan Longoria Glove 2

(Source: Keith Allison)

Evan Longoria designed his personal pattern with an 11.75″ length, a single post web, and a deep and rounded pocket.

Evan Longoria Training Glove

Longo’s even got a training glove that looks just like his gamer.  He’s known for pre-game defensive drills where he gets on two knees and fields hot shots with the trainer.

Shop Evan Longoria’s gamer here.

3. Nolan Arenado – Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI Glove



Another classic design – and a good one. Nolan Arenado’s timberglase leather looks heavenly in the second picture and is an awesome color nonetheless.


Arenado’s gamer is 12″ PRO200 pattern design with the H-web. Arenado loves the deep pocket and good length he gets from this combination.

Shop Arenado’s game glove here.

2. Josh Donaldson – Rawlings Pro Preferred x Heart of the Hide PRONP5 Glove

Josh Donaldson Rawlings Glove Back

Josh Donaldson Inside Rawlings Glove

Even though this was not the only glove Donaldson used this year, this is our favorite of the two. The black leather with royal blue lacing is simple yet just enough to set itself apart.

Josh Donaldson’s first gamer this year is 11.75″, has an I-web, and is half Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred. The outer shell is Pro Preferred leather, while the palm is Heart of the Hide leather.

While you can’t get Donaldson’s gamer with the two leather scheme, you can get a Pro Preferred here.

1. Kris Bryant – Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-6K Glove


Kris Bryant Rawlings Glove

Kris Bryant’s glove is incredible. The camel glove with tan laces look is a personal favorite, and the wear makes the camel look breathtaking.  Once that creamy color mixes with the sun and sweat and pine tar and ‘MURICA, its just looks like The Show.

(posing with his Chandler KB17)

(posing for KeezCam with his Chandler KB17)

Bryant’s glove is the largest glove on the list at 12.25″. Despite the huge size, the stock Bryant is controllable and nonetheless feels amazing.

Shop the Bryant stock model here.

Final Conclusions

Here’s the skinny with some insights from our recent study on four years of MLB glove usage:

  • Half of the third basemen on the list use H-webs, which is not the most popular web at 3B. The I-Web, which has only one user in this list, is the most popular web among all third basemen according to our study.  (Editor’s Note: For the purposes of the glove research, we counted Machado’s V-Web as an I-Web since it functions as an I-Web.)
  • 4 of the 6 third basemen user Rawlings, the most popular brand at 3rd base.
  • Half of the third basemen in this list use 12″ gloves, the most popular size

Which third basemen’s glove is your favorite?

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