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WPW On-Field: Reds vs Rockies

Reds Rockies July 2017 (9 of 17)

You know the drill. Reds @ Rox through the eyes of WPW…

This photo hit me for two reasons.  One, Mark Reynolds is bending the bat.  He’s bending Maple hardwood.  The second thing to notice is his facial expression.  He’s like, “Yeah I’m bending Maple lol.”

Reds Rockies July 2017 (14 of 17)

Scooter Gennett finally squeezed into a WPW lens after one of the most incredible offensive baseball games of all time—5 for 5, 4 bombs, 10 RBI—off the sweet spot of a Show Bats RJG  34.25″ Maple.  I have never heard of Show Bats before in my life, but I like their logo.  I also noticed that career AL pitcher Scott Feldman is also swinging them.  Scott Feldman’s career OPS is .304.  Scooter Gennett might be the best utility player in baseball right now.  Are Show Bats the real deal?  YOU DECIDE.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (17 of 17)

Nolan Arenado, WPW’s favorite player, added a standard issue black Evoshield that they don’t even offer anymore.  How’s he even get that throwback?  Once again, we zig, Arenado zags.  Shop colorful and somehow less cool Evoshields here.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (10 of 17)

He’s also mixing in his 2016 favorites, the 2K Filth with “Mint” laces.  If you don’t know what “Mint” is watch this video:

Reds Rockies July 2017 (3 of 17)

Billy Hamilton is fast and wears the MLB standard Rawlings PRO303 in black with tan laces, which you can get here.  This is a glove fit for a Norman Rockwell.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (4 of 17)

Hamilton goes for the retro adidas Crazy 8s (Kobe’s first signature shoe) in pre-game.  I appreciate that.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (6 of 17)

As nice as the glove is, the cleats might be even better.  Hamilton’s Afterburner 4 in black with red accents are a 10 out of 10.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (7 of 17)

Teammate Zack Cozart’s Power Alley 4 are far from a perfect 10, but the swing is on point.  He’s hitting .320+ so he can wear whatever cleats he wants.  The Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves look sick in black/red.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (8 of 17)

Cozart wears a Wilson A2000 1786 that he must have pulled right out of one of those bags, but we checked out Wilson’s Cincinnati Glove Day and it looks like he might be headed for an upgrade.

Maybe next year?  Until then shop the many, many great 1786 options at the link.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (1 of 17)

Trevor Story is another guy like Arenado that’s always good to check in on because his swag is down pat.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (2 of 17)

Nike Lunar TR1 trainers (thanks to Flynn and @justinrenauto) look great.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (13 of 17)

Here’s @trevv4 making the sleeveless jersey look good, too.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (5 of 17)

Jon Gray’s Mizuno glove shows purple laces with a tan base and yellow labels, which is a pretty bad idea.  Purple laces on a classic tan Mizuno is just plain irresponsible, Jon.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (16 of 17)

Quick check-up on Charlie Blackmon’s beard/mullet and its still glorious.

Reds Rockies July 2017 (15 of 17)

So is a W.  If WPW had a team right now it’d be the Colorado Rockies.  If you don’t follow them already, please do so now.

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