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MLB Fave Franklin Powerstrap Batting Gloves Launch on Custom Builder

We’ve begged and pleaded for years to get the Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves, which have been so popular in the MLB, up on Franklin’s custom builder.  Our prayers have been answered.  You can now customize the Franklin Powerstrap, or get them just like Xander Bogaerts’ red/navy/chrome style on FranklinSports.com.

Bogaerts has a few options, and you’ll be able to purchase (or further customize) Xander Bogaert’s above pair as well at this link.

Another Bogaerts’ pair of Powerstraps takes advantage of the home whites.  These are all outstanding colorways and all now available to us.  Shop this colorway here.

While the color options for the Powerstrap custom batting gloves are more limited than the Pro Classic and CFX Pro custom options, Franklin plans to introduce more colors over time.  Jose Altuve’s orange, for example, is not yet available.

Joey Votto’s, on the other hand, are available at this link.

Hopefully we’ll see more colorways coming soon, like Salvador Perez’ royal blue/volt green mashup, but we’re just pumped to see this top MLB batting glove now available for the custom lovers.  Customize your own pair of Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves here.

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