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As we like to do (a lot admittedly), we did a one-month check-in on a couple of guys we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to before: the new Atlanta Braves middle infield, former #1 prospect Dansby Swanson and 4-time Gold Glover Brandon Phillips. These are two MLB’ers that know a […]

Darwin Barney is one of the most versatile defenders in baseball, so we were really lucky to get a few minutes with him to talk about his glove and the nuances of fielding multiple positions.  Give it a look and subscribe on YouTube for more vids as they are released […]

Dansby sat down after Spring workouts to talk Wilson with WPW. He explains what it takes to be a Big League shortstop and why he went back to A2000.  Make sure you download our app to see these as soon as they come out. 

BY KYLE O’CONNOR In celebration of the World Baseball Classic, Wilson released a slew of swaggy gloves to get us ready for the start of international baseball. To match the theme, each glove comes in a country’s colors and has a special flag-based “A2000” engraving in the palm. The uniqueness […]

We’ve been moving around the infield, listing our favorite gloves at shortstop and second base.  Now we take a look at the hot corner. The third basemen in this group keep their glove designs clean, but, as any legit third baseman knows, a 3B glove looks best dirty. 6. David Wright […]

Wilson made a stop off at the University of Oklahoma recently to drop off the new heat for Sooner Baseball.  Thanks to the Sooners, especially @vincenzoaiello for the looks. Pitchers @johnbradley25 (left) and @2kernz (right) with a couple of beautiful pitchers gloves.  Is there anything better than fresh leather?  I have a […]

The shortstop position in the Big Leagues is an elite fraternity of the greatest, most athletic fielders in the world.  Shortstop, aside from catcher, is the most demanding position on the field, and a player’s glove is his livelihood.  Here are the best gloves that the best shortstops are taking to their spot […]

After teasing the idea for about a year, Wilson has just added colored Superskin to their custom builder. There are now four total Superskin colors available. Here are the three new options: Red Royal Blue White Just a few facts on Superskin: Superskin is NOT leather. Superskin is a microfiber. Superskin is half the weight of […]

You have heard the question before: A2K vs. A2000.  Its a popular question, and unfortunately there are no non-biased, reliable resources for finding an answer. WPW comes in and saves the day with the best A2K vs A2000 guide on the web. First, an overview on the A2K. The A2K […]

A bunch of people have asked us why we haven’t done any of our Glove Story videos with Wilson gloves.  The simple answer is because we haven’t had the chance to talk to those guys yet.  Lucky for you, Wilson has got you covered with a few awesome videos of […]

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