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Bryce Harper’s 2018 Glove Game is Downright Filthy

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-2

I was just having a nice little Thursday, getting some keys copied at the hardware store, and then I look down at my phone…

bharper mention

I nearly spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any.  Bryce Harper was dropping his new Rawlings gloves for 2018.

Harper teased us:


Then he pleased us:

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-3

3 new heaters, all in collaboration with one of our favorite glove guys, @surpremegloves

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-2

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-5

And Bryce gave us great angles of each glove:

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-13

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-4

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-6

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-9

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-8

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-7

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-10

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-10-2 Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-11

Bryce Harper Rawlings Glove 2018-1

My take…

I’ll start with the fact that every single one would be the coolest glove I own.  Still I’m going to rate ’em, because that’s our job.

The white glove with gold tips:

Put gold tips on anything and its gonna be fire.  This glove is fire.  The yeezy-ish ring finger, also fire.  That’s a Supreme Gloves touch and its a good one.  The gold accents, piping, stamps, hand-sewn welt: all absolute fire.  Can’t help but send Gold Glove 2018 vibes Bryce’s way, because if he gets the gold labels, its over.

This glove would be a perfect score, but I have questions about the longevity of the Yeezy-ish material, as well as the overall whiteness.  Maybe it works for a slowpitch guy, but Bryce is a dirtbag, and dirtbags get dirty.  Its a show glove, and for that reason, -1 point.

Score: 9 out of 10

The Pro Mesh back with Carbon Fiber ring finger glove:

This might be the perfect glove.  There’s never been a baseball glove made with a more tantalizing array of materials than this pro mesh with Carbon Fiber fingers and gold welting.  It even shows a “CALFSKIN” lining, which sounds like something they found in King Tut’s tomb.  Sounds rich.  The BH34 logo, the red embroidery, its all just icing on the cake.  The best part, though, is that this glove is a gamer.  Its gotta be a gamer.  Bryce, make it a gamer!

Score: 15 out of 10

The Carbon Fiber Glove:

Of the 3, this one flirts hardest with “gaudy.”  With that said, when you drop Carbon Fiber material on a glove, you aren’t trying to be bashful.  Bryce Harper is not bashful.  This glove is sick, but I’m a bigger fan of the more stealthy pro mesh/carbon fiber glove.  The “Harper” embroidered on the pointer finger over the carbon fiber looks bad-ass.

Score: 8.5 out of 10

Which is your fave?  Don’t say none of them.

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