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Jevon Holland is one of the many NFL players to be wearing Xtech X2 shoulder pads.  Xtech X2 shoulder pads are one of the best shoulder pads in the game. These pads are protective, light, lowkey and allow for maximum range of mobility. These pads allow Jevon to sprint to […]

For the 2022 season, Saquon Barkley has switched to the Pro Gear shoulder pads. For his first 4 NFL seasons, Saquon wore the Xtech X2 shoulder pads.  Pro Gear shoulder pads aren’t very common in the NFL but are pretty good shoulder pads. These are lightweight, low-profile pads that allow […]

During his time in the NFL, Mac Jones has been wearing Douglas shoulder pads.  I can’t tell exactly which pair of Douglas shoulder pads these are, but they seem like one of the QB pairs. They have plenty of protection but give Mac plenty of mobility to throw the football.  […]

Mark Andrews wears the Xtech X2 Shoulder Pads and has for the last couple seasons.  The Xtech X2 shoulder pads are very common in the NFL for several reasons. For starters, they are super lightweight, low-profile and allow for plenty of range of motion. These pads allow Andrews to be […]

TJ Watt wears the Riddell CPK Shoulder Pads.  The Riddell CPK shoulder pads are a great option for an edge rusher like TJ. These shoulder pads are lightweight and allow for plenty of mobility – key for edge rushers. They allow TJ to perform fast rush moves and get to […]

Nick Bosa has been wearing the Riddell Power SPK Shoulder Pads since he was drafted in 2019. These pads look great under his jersey and contribute to his low-profile look. The Riddell Power SPK Shoulder Pads are light, comfortable and protective. You can get them for $350 from Sports Unlimited.

Deebo Samuel wears the Xtech X2 Shoulder Pads. These shoulder pads are the most popular in the NFL because they are lightweight, low-profile and some of the safest on the market. Deebo also wears Xtech’s 5-Sided Vented Backplate to protect his lower back. You can get Xtech X2 shoulder pads […]

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