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Kobe’s Mamba Sports Venture Lab Drops “MAMBA RISE” App, Backed by Pete Alonso; Aims to Improve Your Pitch Recognition

Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Sports Venture Lab has launched a new baseball/softball cognitive training app, MAMBA RISE, available in the Apple App Store today.  With a focus on pitch recognition, the app allows athletes to “work on their cognitive processing, response speed, and baseball IQ,” according to a Mamba press release.

MAMBA RISE is backed by the Mets all-time single season HR King, Pete Alonso.  Pete says: “This is a tool that could benefit a lot of high school, college, and even pro hitters.”

The MAMBA RISE app also offers training tools for football and volleyball.  Of course, we’ll dive in on the baseball offerings.

Pete gives a great read on this promo—my favorite line being “I’m not a bundle of fast-twitch muscles.”  Pete makes some good points and I was intrigued to give the app a “go,” especially with the knowledge that Kobe Bryant is involved.

After a very smooth on-boarding process (unlike the WPW app—update in the works), I tried my hand versus Polar Pete in the MAMBA RISE app.  Spoiler alert: I got EATEN ALIVE:

“Knife to a gun fight” type deal… On the first one I had to speed up the video because I got beat so bad that my brain froze for like 10 seconds.  The end score line reflects exactly why I peaked in Little League.

I’ll give you FOUR REASONS to give the MAMBA RISE APP ON APP STORE a look:

  1. MAMBA RISE is from Kobe Bryant’s team of smart people.  For that reason, it is unlikely to suck.
  2. Its for baseball players!  With today’s global basketball obsession, Kobe’s team could have easily forgotten about us.  Its sincerely exciting to see investment in our game, the GREATEST GAME IN THE WORLD.
  3. Its genuinely competitive.  I tried it myself and while I got crushed, it kinda reminded me of how I used to get crushed in Call of Duty—it drives you to be better, making the wins much sweeter.
  4. If you can get a point off Pete I’ll be seriously impressed.

Download the MAMBA RISE APP to begin sharpening your pitch recognition today. Follow @mambasportsacademy on IG.

(Editor’s Note: Mamba Sports Academy is a WPW paid advertiser.  This article, however, was not sponsored, and the views/opinions expressed are our own.)

Adding this photo strictly for the polar bear bling.  Outrageous.

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