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Aaron Judge’s Adidas Icon 4 Bounce Cleats

When Yankee superhero Aaron Judge first donned adidas cleats, he was in the Icon 4.  The Icon 4 is the same cleat that Kris Bryant wears, but later Judge found he needed something a little different.  He went for the Adidas Icon 4 Bounce cleats, a model that is now available for $85-$90 ($30+ cheaper than the Icon 4).

The difference in these cleats is the foams used underfoot: “Boost” on the Icon 4 and “Bounce” on the Icon 4 Bounce.  According to the internet, Bounce foam is firmer and heavier than adidas’ world-famous Boost foam, which is used under the forefoot of the Icon 4.  If Boost is “squishier” than Bounce, it would stand to reason then, that since Aaron Judge is a behemoth of a man and gravity effects him more than 99.9% of humans, maybe the squish was just a little too squishy.  Bounce’s firmness may offer greater support, so Judge is in the Icon 4 Bounce cleats.

At $85-$90, this MLB-caliber cleat is a great value, especially if they’re the same cleats Aaron Judge is wearing.

Shop the Icon Bounce at the link.

If you know more about Boost vs Bounce, please comment below.

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