Adrian Beltre’s Nike Huarache Pro MCS Cleats

Sickest cleats in baseball?  Adrian Beltre just brings it every year, in every way.  He and Andrus (and Prince) have always gotten a little extra special Nike treatment that makes me think maybe one of Nike’s cleat designers is a Rangers fan.  Frankly, its hard not to be a fan of Beltre.  He’s an all-around superstar at every facet of the game, and no one has more fun, or swagger, than the Texas 3B.  His Huarache Pro have a reptilian look to them, which Beltre has favored for several seasons now.  Don’t expect reptile, but you can cop a cheap pair of the Huarache Pros at the link (eBay).  From the feedback we’ve heard, players like these better than the 2K Filth.