Alex Bregman’s Easton D32AB Glove

World Champion Alex Bregman wears an Easton “Small Batch” D32AB 11 3/4″ glove with some H-Town swag built right in.  Bregman’s game glove (tan/camel/navy/orange) will be available via on September 1st.  You can see more small batch Easton gloves at

Breaking it down for the glove nerds:

Horween steer hide leather, adored by glove enthusiasts, makes up the palm shell and palm lining for each one of Easton’s Bregman models.  On the shell back, Japanese steer hide is used.  From Easton’s Eric Walbridge (@glovecowboy), some insight on the leather types:

“The Horween leather used on the palm shell and palm lining molds much better to the hand because that Leather has great memory. It does tend to be a little heavier though, which is why we went with Japanese Reserve Steerhide on the shell back. Bregman liked the feel and shaping qualities of Horween on his hand, but wanted to have a lighter weight glove overall. We decided to combine Horween and Japanese reserve in the areas that we thought he would get the most benefits of each type.”

Bregman’s versatility (he started 21 games at shortstop last year) means that he needs options.  In our interview with Bregman, he says that he prefers I-Web C31 model (11 3/4″, same size) up the middle, and single post at third.

The tan/camel/navy/orange is Bregman’s most used gamer (to this point) and will be available 9/1 on, while Baseball Express will carry the other D32s pictured (navy/grey and tan/mocha).

Which is your fave?


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