Carlos Correa’s Victus Axe BJ-50 ProPACT Maple Bat


Carlos Correa is swinging a Victus Axe bat, first seen in Dustin Pedroia‘s hands in 2015, and now getting picked up by a few more of the best hitters in baseball.  Correa’s Axe is a BJ-50, which stands for “ball joint” knob (a type of Axe handle), while the #50 is for the bat’s barrel, which Correa shares with Mookie Betts (Betts also swings Victus).  The Victus BJ-50 with ProPACT finish is a 34/31.5.  Also pictured is a 33.5/31 model CC.1-27.  You can get the DP15 Axe at the link below.