Cody Bellinger’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO442-6DD Glove

Cody Bellinger has been wearing a pretty non-descript Rawlings H-Web glove in the outfield lately.  While it was hard to tell at the game, the glove has a “Dark Shadow Suede” back, which explains the slightly different color of the leather.  The rest of the glove is black.  Bellinger’s glove is a 13″ inch PRO442 pattern, which is not offered on Rawlings custom builder.  The suede, which just looked like faded leather to my eye, is also exclusive to Cody.

This glove could have been better if the leather was that same dark shadow color all around.  As I’ve said before, two colors that are similar are usually not a good combination.  And the suede: lets be real… suede is a great word, a great song, it looks good on shoes sometimes, and it feels nice, but does suede need to be on a gamer baseball glove?

You cannot get Cody Bellinger’s glove, but you can get a similar Heart of the Hide PRO303 (a much more popular pattern for outfielders) in the same colors for $360.  As for the PRO442 pattern, there’s a nice one for a good price on, and a Pro Preferred available on for $360.


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