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Francisco Lindor’s New Balance Cypher 12 “Stirrups” Cleats (PE)

These cleats are wild and I love every single thing about ’em. Francisco Lindor made his 2019 debut in these player exclusive versions of the New Balance Cypher 12. Inner sock made to look like built-in stirrups. Swaggy colors. Red-to-white gradient bottoms. Insane swag. Off-the-charts swag. Swag that can’t be bought.

Now the ball is in Harper and Trout’s court to do one better. An underrated part of baseball right now is that you live in a world where three MLB players have a signature cleat.

Shop the Cypher 12 at the link. Compared to these, the ones that are available are basically a low cut version of these (without the crazy built-in stirrups).

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