Giancarlo Stanton’s Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 Cleats (PE)

The latest iteration of the Alpha Huarache Elite, and the hottest cleat in the 2018 MLB playoffs.  Giancarlo Stanton's own player exclusive pair holds the high distinction of being our most liked IG pic ever.

First impression, Nike nailed it with the Alpha Huarache Elite 2. Rather than a different design for each cut, Nike kept a similar look for the mids and lows. Looking closely, they might remind you of Kobe A.D.'s.  With the game's most athletic players opting for a sneaker-like feel, we expect that the Alpha Huarache Elite 2 cleat will not only look like Kobe's, but play like them, too.

Shop Giancarlo Stanton's Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 cleats at the link.

It looks like the Yankees have finally turned the page, because Stanton is wearing the Nike Alpha Huarache Low in a player exclusive colorway that subtly celebrates the NYC skyline in the upper of the cleat.  He's also got a version with a “G” pattern, presumably for his first name.  All Giancarlo options are player exclusive.

Shop the Alpha Huarache Low on at the link.