Giancarlo Stanton’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS27HFB (13″) Glove

Camel palm, #6 web, Black lace, “Giancarlo” in royal script.  Giancarlo went nuts with his custom Rawlings, adding the following customizations on his order form: “Make ½ pinky orange, the ½ pinky, ring finger, middle finger, index finger and ½ thumb black. Bottom ½ thumb in orange. Put orange gel pad over index. On the H-web make the middle (horizontal) bar in orange and the 2 (vertical) posts in black.”

After that mess, do I even need to tell ya this one isn’t available? At Spring Training, though, Giancarlo showed off (and talked with WPW about) a new style that we like better (the Heart of the Hide) and is available at the link.  The Miami blue/orange one is sweet, too.  Still, though, the one with the orange bar is his current gamer.  Check out our interview with Giancarlo himself (click for our interview with Stanton).