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Javier Baez’ Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSCS5-6KB Glove

Javy Baez has been flirting with Rawlings gloves lately, and this one he whipped out for his Mets debut is drop-dead gorgeous.  The new Baez glove is a Corey Seager model, however, its only 11 inches, a length that you cannot get in the CS5 through Rawlings glove builder.  Baez has arguably the best hands, not only in baseball, but maybe on Earth, and that’s why he can play with such a tiny glove—there is no smaller glove used in MLB.  You’d probably have to go back to Little League to find a smaller glove.  (If you’re wondering what the right size glove is for you, see our post: Baseball Glove Length Guide: The Right-Sized Glove for Infielders)

The new Baez glove is a Pro Preferred black with pristine gold trim, and the cherry on top, the Gold Glove labels.

This dreamy glove, in its 11.5″ version, is available at Rawlings.com for $490.

As we mentioned his flirtatiousness with Rawlings, he’s already worn SSK since this glove was debuted.  I gotta say, though, the SSK doesn’t come close to this one.

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