Manny Machado’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PROSNP5-7KM Mocha Glove (2020)

Manny Machado is rocking another beautiful glove in 2020 (no surprise), a 12″ inch Rawlings Pro Preferred PRONP6 pattern with gold labels, trim and custom palm stamp.  While Manny’s glove always carries the PRONP5 label, its actually a PRONP6 12″ glove.  Rawlings calls it their flattest pattern.  We made a similar glove using Manny’s mocha leather and gold trim at for $360.

Machado flip-flops between Pro Preferred (kip leather) and Heart of the Hide (Japanese steerhide), and you could imagine, he probably gets enough gloves that, the leather type doesn’t much matter—its about feel for Manny, like so many other players.  For more on Pro Preferred vs Heart of the Hide, see our post about it.

Machado’s Glove Length: 12″


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