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Our Favorites from the 2022 Wilson A2000 Glove Line

Wilson just dropped their 2022 line of A2000 leather. Every year, this brings some old favorites but also some new patterns and styles. We’ll highlight a few of our favorites here, and you can shop the entire 2022 line from Wilson.com for $280.


Let’s start with one of Wilson’s most iconic patterns, the 1786. This 11.5″ model is a staple on the middle infield at every level. The 1786 is a great pattern and this color combo is a winner.

This is a classic colorway featuring Wilson’s saddle tan paired with a blonde back and hits of red in the logos. This color combo looks great and retains the “classic baseball glove” look on such a tried-and-true pattern.


We go from classic to modern with the 11.5″ SCDP15SS. This offering features Wilson’s weight saving SuperSkin synthetic paired with the new SpinControl palm.

This glove also features the Pedroia Fit – meaning it has a tighter wrist and shorter finger stalls – perfect for younger players or players with smaller hands. The black and blonde color combo calms this crazy glove a little bit, but the blue logos still add a modern flair.


The offerings for outfielders from the 2022 line are weak (meaning this is it). While there are not any other options to pick from, the glove they selected is as time-honored as it gets. The 1799 is a 12.75″ H-web glove that is a favorite among Wilson’s Pro Staff.

Wilson matched the color combo from the 1786 with this blonde and saddle tan piece. I think the red logos work better but the classic yellow looks good with the dark trim. Another Wilson icon in an old school color combo.


The 11.75″ KBH13 is new to the 2022 line and will likely be a staple for years to come. Ke’Bryan Hayes, the Pirate’s slick fielding third baseman, is highly touted for his defensive prowess. Wilson recognized his potential and gave him his own game model – the KBH13.

Hayes made this glove subtly swaggy. The black SuperSnakeSkin reduces weight and adds a little something extra to this black and blonde stunner. The Pittsburgh Pirate’s yellow logos add a pop of color that completes the look of this glove.


Probably the most talked about (and desired) glove from the 2022 line is the TA7. This 11.5″ model is a rebranded version of Wilson’s G4 pattern with a few modern twists.

The TA7 has an eye catching black and gray color combo made flashier by the fact that it features Wilson’s SuperSnakeSkin material. This adds to the look and reduces the weight of the glove. The red outline on the logos is a nice touch to add a little bit of color to the black and gray base.

The palm of the TA7 is a little different. It features the “Power in Unity” stamp which promotes Hall of Famer Barry Larkin’s inclusiveness mission.

Those were just a few of the standouts from the 2022 line but here are the rest:


11.5″ 1716.


11.5″ 1786 featuring a SuperSkin back.


11″ PFX2SS featuring the tighter Pedroia Fit and a SuperSkin back. Great option for younger players.


11.5″ DP15 featuring the tighter Pedroia Fit.


11.75″ 1787 featuring the SpinControl palm.


11.75″ D33.


33.5″ M1DSS featuring a SuperSkin back.

Which glove from the 2022 Wilson A2000 stock line is your favorite? Let us know below!

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