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Bader vs. Frazier: Who Had the Better Fit?

The Battle of Coziness

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Two outfielders, two cozy fits. Who ya got? Both New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier and St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader showed us all with these fits that it is entirely possible to be both cozy and stylish. Personally, I would say Harrison is a bit more cozy, since he’s got some comfy sweatpants on to complete the fit. We aren’t here to debate coziness, though. We’re here to debate who has the better fit.


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There’s no debating that when you want a cozy fit, a hoodie is definitely the way to go. It’s really what makes the cozy fit cozy, so let’s start there. Clint has a Supreme x Commes des Garcones hoodie ($563.50), which was released in September of 2018, and first retailed for $178. Some people think Supreme is kinda cheesy, but I think this hoodie is fire. It’s different compared to the typical box logo they have. Harrison likes the vintage stuff, and shops from local designers and dealers, including Mills Vintage, based in Miami (prices range from $20-$400). Maybe this hoodie came from there (similar styles at H&M, $24.99) You can’t go wrong with the black and white colorway. These guys both recognize that, but I gotta give the edge to Frazier in the hoodie department.

Frazier’s Rest of the Fit

Air Jordan 1 Retro UNC, via StockX

These guys take different approaches with the rest of the fit. Clint really wants his Air Jordan 1 UNC kicks, complete with pink laces, to stand out, and I don’t blame him at all ($811).

Because the rest of the fit, including the pants (similar styles at Zara, $59.90) is all-black, he definitely draws attention to the kicks. 

Bader’s Rest of the Fit

Similar styles to Harrison’s Off-White Joggers can be found at johnelliott.com

Harrison has us looking all over the fit, with the black hoodie contrasting the natural joggers (similar styles at John Elliott, $186). The Jordan’s (similar styles include the Winterized Spiz’ike and Air Jordan Retro 4 Ginger Wheat, $661.50), are a much darker brown tone. The accessories play a big role in this fit as well.

Which Fit is Better?

Two cozy fits, two different approaches. For this one, I gotta say the winner is…Clint Frazier. I’m sorry Harrison, you’re always coming with the drip, and this fit is no different, but it just can’t beat Clint here. I love the Supreme hoodie, and getting the kicks to stand out was the right move. We’d love to hear your opinion! Let us know who you think had the better fit in the comments.

Total Cost of Frazier’s Fit: $1,434

Total Cost of Bader’s Fit: $872

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