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Ballin’ On a Budget 2020: 12 Deals on Premium Gloves, Bats, Cleats, Batting Gloves

With baseball season heating up, we’re all looking at the WPW feed and feeling that urge to cop some new gear. What’s better than new swag? New swag that doesn’t leave you broke. We scoured the web and found some of the best deals on baseball gear. Here’s your rundown:


Let’s start by looking at some savings on a couple of top-tier gloves.

Mississippi State Adidas EQT Glove

The best deal on gloves we could find is on Adidas’ top of the line model-the EQT. JustBallGloves.com is offering their entire line of Adidas EQT leather at a huge savings ranging from $90 off all the way up to $150 off. Adidas isn’t a huge name in gloves at the pro level but they make high quality leather that a handful of college programs swear by.

While JustBallGloves.com is able to hook up just about all positions with an EQT at a great price, they don’t have an option for all the RHT outfielders out there. We’ve still got you covered. If you’ve got some red in your uni, or you just don’t give a WHAT, BaseballExpress.com is offering an all red Easton Professional Collection F78DD 12.75″, the Delino DeShields game model (Locker Tour coming soon). The Easton Pro Collection is great leather that outfielders can snag for over $100 off.

Odubel Herrera wears a 12.5″ All Star Pro Elite Glove

JustBalGloves.com has another deal for a wide range of positions. They are selling their entire line of All-Star Pro Elite gloves at $70 off. All-Star has a cult following among MiLB/MLB catchers, and while fewer non-catchers wear All-Star, its not for lack of quality. With a wide variety of sizes and patterns, you can pick up some nice leather at a great price.

For those young outfielders looking for the Trout style, this Rawlings GG Elite looks pretty solid for just $82 at Dick’s.

Brian McCann’s Under Armour Deception Catchers Mitt

Speaking of catchers, JustBallGloves.com comes through yet again with the best deal yet. They are offering theUnder Armour Deception catchers mitt at a ridiculous $140 off retail price.


Bats are very much a personal thing. With metal, the debate rages on between aluminum vs composite and one vs two-piece bats. Wood has more options with maple, ash, birch, and a handful of others. While we can’t cover every option for you, there are some good deals out there.

If you fall into the old school, one-piece aluminum bat crowd, JustBats.com has a deal for you. They are offering the 2019 Louisville Slugger Omaha 519 BBCOR bat at $60 or more off the $200 retail price. One-piece aluminum bats have explosive pop, and they will offer more “feedback” to advanced hitters (feel and vibration).

Louisville Slugger Prime Metal Bat

If you’re a fan of a more balanced feel that comes from a composite bat, the Louisville Slugger Prime BBCOR bat is for you. JustBats.com is offering the 2019 model for at least $80 off but up to $180 off.

Trevor Story swings Old Hick now but has also swung a Louisville Slugger C271 Maple Bat

JustBats.com again has the hook-up in the bat department. This time, they are offering the Louisville Slugger Prime Black Sand C271 maple bat for $40 to $50 off, depending on your size. This is a popular cut used by a plethora of prolific Big League hitters.


Spikes get worn down quick. Finding the best deals on cleats is a smart move considering they simply won’t last as long as some of your other gear.

Trea Turner wears PE Adidas Afterburner cleats

Finding a deal on cleats can be challenging. It’s easy to find cleats for cheap, it’s much harder to find cleats in your team colors that are actually your size. BaseballExpress.com has an answer for almost anyone. They are offering $30 off their entire line of Adidas Afterburner V spikes with a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from so you can (hopefully) find a pair that works for you!

Mike Trout wearing the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5’s

BaseballMonkey.com has a great deal if you wear anything under a size 10, or size 11. They are selling the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 in a super clean grey color combo at $50 off.

An exceptional turf, the 4040v4, is available in black/white in all sizes for $56 at Dick’s (today 3/5 only!!!). If you play on turf often, this is as good as anything out there.


While we’ve never seen these on a Big League field, these adidas batting gloves from Dick’s are pretty dope, especially for $20.

Protective batting gloves can save your season. There are Big Leaguers every single year who lose giant chunks of time due to a hit-by-pitch on the hand. These Evoshield batting gloves come with a pad that forms to your lead hand for protection on that most vulnerable and critical area, and at just $34.

Finding the best deals is key for most of us playing ball. While we found some of the best deals we could, there are always more out there. Places like BaseballExpress.com, DicksSportingGoods.com, and JustBats or JustBallGloves.com are some great places to check for the best deals out there. Hit up the comments below if you found a deal that we missed! Any comment with a valid e-mail is automatically entered into our monthly community giveaway.

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