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Break-In Review | Force3 Elite Series Glove

Last time you saw this Force3 Elite Series glove, it was fresh out of the box. A couple weeks have passed and I have been able to break this 11.5″ I-web glove to see how it formed and how it feels once it’s been worked in a little. This glove is still unreleased at this time but check back at Force3’s website for a drop.

This glove broke in beautifully. While it is still relatively stiff, it is much easier to move now. Below are two videos of how the break in is coming along:

For infield models, I tend to wear my gloves straight up. I can get a defined pocket for when I need to secure the ball but retain feel. This is how the Force3 looks with a straight up close, naturally closing thumb to right around middle finger. It doesn’t quite wrap entirely around the ball but I think it will as the web and pocket stretch more.

I didn’t want to neglect the large percentage of the population that do opt for a shifted grip. As you can see, a two in the pinky grip generates a thumb to ring finger close with a pocket that will completely wrap around the ball.

I found this Force3 Elite series to be a comfortable glove once worked in. My one complaint is, when I shifted to a two in the pinky grip, there was a piece of lace sticking into the pinky loop. I could only feel it with the shifted grip but it was an annoyance. I had to unlace the wrist in order to tuck it back under the thumb loop, perhaps a one-off mistake that will not be a consistent trend.

This glove took shape perfectly. I added a slight flare to the thumb and pinky to make this 11.5″ model play wide. A nice pocket is forming right at the base of the web. I am also a big fan of the palm liner. Even after only a few weeks, I can feel the imprint of my fingers and palm forming.

Apart from a small amount of fading on the gold palm stamping and the obvious shaping by me, this glove still looks brand new (as it should). While I absolutely did not expect there to be signs of wear after only a few weeks, but it is worth noting that there has not been any.

Overall, I am a fan of this glove. It has a simple elegance to it. While there were a few minor imperfections, the Force3 glove feels great. It’s not too heavy but feels substantial. The pattern feels great for middle infielders and works well regardless of how you grip it. At $280, this is a solid option and definitely comparable to the $280 Wilson A2000 and the $280 Rawlings Heart of the Hide.

We’ll give another performance review after one year so we can really know what we’re working with long-term.

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