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Everything You Need to Know: Nike SHA|DO Elite J, 2023 Drop

Nike gave What Pros Wear an early look at its next two colorways to drop of the SHA|DO Elite J line. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about the release and the glove itself. We’ve got an early link in hand for you to shop when it launches. Launching on Nike.com this Sunday, December 10 at 10 a.m. Eastern (7 a.m. Pacific), retail price will be $560.

Firstly, to refresh your memory, we take a look back at the tan color way to drop last year:

Let’s get official colorways down.

University Blue and Camel on the left, Chocolate and Camel on the right. Both are 11.75″ in size.


Upon initially unboxing, which you can check out below, it was certainly clear that Nike paid close attention to detail on every aspect of the consumer experience.

These are each limited to 150 pieces. Arriving in a black box with Nike branding and a card with a handwritten number enclosed, the palm liner is embroidered accordingly. More specifically, it is done in a thread color to match the swoosh — gold on the chocolate version, and silver on the Columbia blue. Take a closer look at the deeper storytelling and origin of the SHA|DO line on the card in the last slide. For those that enjoy moving pictures, click below.

A 4K look at the upcoming colorways of the Nike SHA|DO Elite J

Per Nike, on the leather used:

These are handcrafted in a small Japanese factory by a certified master craftsman. Each hide is hand picked and vetted thoroughly by the owner… considered a “wagyu” leather. Snake eyes web is a one of a kind, highlighted by Ian Kinsler back in the day.

From the packaging to the pattern, we certainly hope that about covers it! See more of our thoughts here, where we discuss how it feels on hand and, even more micro, how its laced out of the box.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve got one in hand!

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