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Exclusive Looks at Jose Bautista’s New Marucci Glove


Marucci leather is slowly permeating the Big Leagues, and today we get a look at all-star Jose Bautista’s set of three custom Modified Trap outfielder gloves.  Bautista’s conversion from Wilson makes him a head-to-toe Marucci guy for the first time (except sunglasses).  (His Wilson KP92 wasn’t bad either.)

I’m partial to blue always, but I think that Mesa color is so smooth.  The black ain’t too shabby either.  The aesthetic appeal of Marucci’s gloves is undeniable.  I can’t speak from experience on their performance, but I’m curious to hear from anyone who does have a Marucci glove—how do they play?  Please comment below.

As far as availability, Marucci hasn’t made a Modified Trap web for outfielders yet, but you can shop their collection here.

Jose has been seen wearing the Mesa as well as the blue, but we won’t know his choice until Opening Day.  Which of these would be your choice?


  1. I own a Marucci 11.75 gumbo and honestly, it does not compare to other gloves in the price range. Leather is really soft and smooth, and the pinky is super flimsy. Its a nice glove but not worth $300

  2. It says he’d be wearing Marucci head to toe. However, he wears New Balance 4040v2’s in royal blue, which ironically enough, covers his toes.

  3. I’ve got a Marucci modified trap 11.50 in the Mesa and it is the nicest glove I have ever held! it plays great in my opinion, its got a nice pocket, and the glove keeps great shape after broken in. in my opinion it is a great glove, definitely worth the money

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