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First Impressions | Rawlings Heart of the Hide Colorsync 5.0 PRO314-2NW

Rawlings introduced the Colorsync glove line a few years back and are now on their fifth iteration. The Colorsync glove line pairs Rawlings Heart of the Hide leather with labels color-matched to the rest of the glove for a $280 price tag. They feature a variety of different colors and patterns that are sure to stand out. We have the extremely flashy 11.5″ Heart of the Hide PRO314-2NW in hand to review for y’all at home.


This glove is a looker. No matter what level you play at, this glove is going to turn heads. If you’re okay with a super flashy glove, this one is for you. I’m partial to a red, white, and blue color combo and this glove does it about as good as any out there. The white accents POP off the darker navy blue base. The hits of red in the stitching and the geometric section of the I-Web tie this glove together beautifully.

This Colorsync patch is one of the best Rawlings has released. It and the white thumb patch are super unique and will stand out. The hand-sewn welting on the thumb and pinky add a touch of red on top of being an eye-catching, functional feature that just looks cool. All of this combined with the new Rev1X-style web make this glove striking.

The PRO31 pattern features a unique dual-welting design on the back. This claw-like design adds a little extra flare to the back, especially when the dark navy is offset by the white. This colorway is a winner all around. It is too flashy for some, but for those brave enough to rock it, I think you’ll love it.


I’m sure most of you reading this are somewhat familiar with Heart of the Hide leather. Rawlings’ iconic Heart of the Hide steerhide leather is battle tested at every level from youth ball to pro diamonds. This glove is no exception. The glove feels great and is quite comfortable with the padded thumb sleeve and synthetic moisture-wicking pad on the inside of the wrist.

Out of the box, this glove was fairly stiff but I was able to play catch with it on day one. This glove feels good on the hand and is the perfect fit for the guys playing up-the-middle on the infield. The colored lace always lends itself to a bit of a stiffer feel and these laces follow that trend – nothing unexpected but still worth noting.


The PRO31 pattern features a narrower hand opening, tighter finger stalls, and reduced heel padding. For reference, I wear a size medium batting glove and this glove fits well but isn’t as tight as I would have expected.

The thinner heel padding improves the feel on this glove and makes it a little easier to break in. The PRO31 was made for quick hands and smooth turns. This glove will feature a pocket that has some depth but won’t swallow the ball. After breaking in a PRO31 pattern, you should be able to develop a defined pocket that will allow you to secure the ball when needed but still lend itself to quick transfers on double plays.


This is the first PRO31 pattern I have had the privilege of handling for an extended period of time and I am a fan. I love the look and the glove feels like it will form nicely to my hand. I will be breaking this glove in over the next few weeks to see how the glove progresses. Stay tuned for a follow-up post with some more detailed thoughts on the pattern. For now, this exact glove is available at Eastbay.com for $280.

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