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Francisco Lindor Gaming a Rawlings Mystery Glove at Spring Training

The WPW Spring Training tour continued today in Goodyear for an Angels @ Indians tilt starring Mike Trout and Frankie Lindor.

Franny and Franky

Lindor, as he tends to do, popped right out of the crowd with a fading blue-to-white perm and Tiger Eyes.

Tiger Eyes throwback relics that Lindor wore last year, too.

If you could believe it, it wasn’t the hair or the shades that really grabbed my attention.

It was this Rawlings glove that’s been buzzing around this Spring, one we know nothing about, but we did get lots of pictures of.

That’s because Lindor wore it in the game.

The glove appears to be a leather & synthetic combination, and while it superficially resembles those Nike synthetic gloves from a few years back (that George Springer still wears), this looks far more advanced.

The inside of the glove is clearly leather, as are the outsides of the double-welted fingers, the binding, the web, the lacing, and the finger pad.

While much of it is leather, the most noticeable part of the glove, the back of the fingers, seems to be a synthetic material, possibly a flexible, durable plastic. Rawlings did an incredible job of combining the synthetic materials with the leather. It gives the glove a futuristic look and its gotten a lot of players’ attention, including a Platinum Glover in Francisco Lindor.

It looks like a small I-Web, almost trainer-looking to me, but who knows.

Maybe Lindor is so committed to practice and so sure of his abilities that he’s taking a training glove into game action.

Either way, its really cool. What do you think?

If you have any thoughts on this one or any rumors, please comment below. With a valid email you’ll be automatically entered into our community giveaway at the end of the month. In February, we did a $250 gift card to Dick’s, so its no cheapie.

More to come from the Frankie and the Tribe.


  1. 🔥 love the futuristic look

  2. Is the web leather or synthetic? And is the benefit of a synthetic material like this that it holds shape better or is more durable, or something along those lines?

  3. I think its a new material that is a one up for the hyper shell. With custom adjustable band fitting for the wrist. Might not see it anytime soon judging by no palm stamping so most likely a prototype given to him. Rawlings new go to superskin?

    1. good call on the palm stamping

  4. I like that they are trying to improve they’re gloves. But I don’t think this one is it

  5. Rougned Odor has also been wearing one of these. I remember seeing it in an IG post for the Rangers and being genuinely confused on what it was.

  6. I think it looks a lot like a nike glove, but I dont think it was rebranded. Maybe rawlings finally did something new.

  7. Hey so I actually work at dicks sporting Goods and I might get that glove in stock to check out somewhat soon. We usually get the new new before a lot of other retailers, so I’m crossing my fingers that this Lindor trainer looking glove makes it in quick. (If its not just a concept/demo glove)

  8. Probably some new thing they’re experimenting with an all hyper shell type look. Rawlings “superskin” with some leather rather than the opposite

  9. I got the inside on this glove. So shhhhh. Glove came straight from Wakanda. Top layer made of vibranium. Legend has it laced are made from jobus real hair.

  10. Cool and nice glove..

  11. Looks like a trainer… Intresting though!!

  12. Glove looks sick. Hope the glove is released. Definite cop.

  13. A+ on the look, I’d definitely like to give a go. As to really give my personal opinion! seems light on the hand! With a Kevlar look.

  14. The look is different but nice

  15. No thumb/pinky loops plus an elastic-looking wrist strap. Interesting glove here…

  16. love the design. reminds me of my old black and gold logo

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