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Glove Guy Ben’s Top 5 Gloves of the Year: Trout, Stroman, Bregman

Baseball gloves are the most personal piece of equipment in all of sports. Baseball gloves began as rustic brown pieces of leather, and have evolved into some of the most unique and distinguishable tools in the sports world. As glove brands compete to offer the world’s best ballglove, the 2019 season brought us some of the best gloves yet. I (WPW contributor Ben) have always had a passion for gloves. They are personal and truly a functional extension of a player’s personality and style. I was mesmerized by some of the incredible pieces of leather we saw in 2019, and I’d like to shout out my top five seven of the year.  Please comment gloves that I missed!

#5 | Marcus Stroman’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206F-14JR 12″ Glove

Similar Glove available via Rawlings.com | Blue $360 | Black $360

Gold Labels appear on one of the best gloves on the bump this year. This one from 2018 Best of WPW winner in the glove category, Marcus Stroman.

Stro-Show shined in one of the most unique pieces I have ever seen.  Before he was traded, Stroman was wearing this all blue Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO206F-14JR.

A hinged basket web (R.A. Dickey throwback), gold accents, and closed back makes for one of the most unconventionally beautiful gloves out there. His “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart” slogan graces the thumb to complete the custom look.

Stroman’s trade to the Mets prompted a shift to the same glove in black.

The pattern remained the same but the embroidery changed. Either way, these are everything I love in a glove-personal, unique, and eye-catching.

#4 | Nolan Arenado’s Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO12-6TI 12″ Glove

Exact Glove (without Gold/Platinum Labels Available via Rawlings.com | $360

With all this talk about new and ground breaking gloves, it can be easy to overlook the classics. Nolan Arenado has been one of the best players in baseball for years.

The six-time Gold Glover-and Platinum Glover-could rock whatever he wanted at the hot corner.

He opts for a timeless look; no frills, just skills. His 12″ Rawlings Heart of the Hide is simply gorgeous. Timberglaze leather with the Gold (or Platinum) labels is truly timeless.

#3 | Ketel Marte’s Easton Pro Reserve F73 H-Web 12.75″ Glove

Similar Options via BaseballExpress.com | Easton Pro Hybrid F73 | $260

Upstart Easton makes an appearance on my list with a breakout star from the desert. Ketel Marte had a career year. The switch-hitter hit .329 with 32 bombs and 92 RBI in an injury-shortened season, all while playing all over the field.

I’m a big fan of Easton stepping out of the box with their resurgence into gloves. Marte spent time at short, second, and center this year. Wherever he was, he had one of the cleanest gloves on the field.

His time in center allowed him to show off this gorgeous red and black Easton H-web.

A 12.75″ H-web pattern is not exactly rare in the outfield, but Marte has managed to set his Pro Reserve F73 apart. This flashy D-Backs color combo is a beaut. The tan laces and white accents tie this glove together beautifully.

Marte’s move to the infield brought with it an even flashier glove. This 11.5″ Easton Pro Reserve C21 is a stunner.  This pattern is available via BaseballExpress.com as a “Pro Hybrid” for $260.

Like Bregman, Marte utilized that metallic silver accent leather perfectly.

This is about as loud as it gets but somehow doesn’t seem overpowering to my eye. Easton really got my attention this year by breaking the mold with some one-of-a-kind gloves. The only thing Marte’s dime-pieces are missing is that beautiful Diamondback’s teal.

#2 | Alex Bregman’s Easton Pro Reserve D32AB Laced Single Post 11.75″ Glove

Similar Option via BaseballExpress.com | Easton Pro Reserve D32AB (his previous gamer from 2019) | $280 

Another one of my favorite gloves from 2019 is worn by the pride of LSU (and probably the only person in the conversation with Trout for AL MVP).

Alex Bregman solidified his superstardom in 2019, and while I loved the classic blonde and black look of his Marucci single post from his rookie year, his partnership with Easton has brought some truly special leather.  Bregman’s navy and blonde Easton Pro Reserve laced single post, like the Trout camo mesh Trap, is another all-time favorite of mine.

Bregman is a fearless baseball player and glove designer.  Despite the complexity of the design, the orange and metallic silver accents pair perfectly with the rest of the glove.

It is rare that a glove with so much going on looks this good but Bregman was able to marry all of these different colors and textures into one of the most unique gloves of the 2019 season.

Check out that little “Tequila Sunrise” swag on the pinky!

#1 | Mike Trout’s Rawlings PROS27HF-27 Trap 12.75″ Glove

Similar Option via Rawlings.com | Custom PROS6019 | $460

When you’re the best player in the world, you can be a little flashy. While Mike Trout has yet to break this gem out in a game, it is easily one of my all time favorites. The Ichiro-style trap web, camo mesh, and stitched signature on the thumb make for one of the best-looking gloves ever made.

The Mossy Oak style camo with the hits of red are absolutely eye-popping.

This 12.75″ Pro Preferred is flashier than Trout’s current gamer but we hope he games this ASAP. If anyone has the skills to back up a statement glove like this, it’s Mike.

Baseball gloves are becoming more and more personalized and reflective of the guys wearing them as customization options continue to pile up for Big Leaguers. These are just a few of my favorites from this year and some of these have even cracked my “all-time favorite” list.

Please comment which gloves you think I missed!

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