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Hands on Product Review: G-Form Elite Speed Elbow Guard

Protective batter’s equipment, once almost exclusively dominated by Evoshield, is now seeing more and more competition. One of the key competitors is G-Form. G-Form guards promote “exceptional comfort and full range of motion in the field and at the plate.” They achieve this by creating a guard that is soft and pliable until impact, when it hardens to protect the wearer. G-Form sent out a couple of their Elite Speed Elbow Guards for us to try out and review.

via @mookiebetts on IG

The Elite Speed Elbow guard is a one-strap guard that is worn just above the elbow. Pictured above is LA Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts rocking the guard in their royal blue and white color combo. The Elite Speed Elbow Guard retails for $45 from the G-Form website in a variety of colors and patterns.

via @bwitter15 on IG

The Review

I’ll start by saying this is not a comparison but an honest review as I have not tried the latest offerings from any other company. I was, however, very impressed by the G-Form guard. The outer fabric seemed durable enough to stand up to some slides or dives but the inner fabric was very soft and padded against my arm.

The Elite Speed Guard is extremely comfortable at the plate. The soft material made it feel almost like a sleeve instead of a piece of armor. While I wasn’t hit by a pitch during this particular game, a couple rudimentary tests make me confident that this guard would likely protect you from serious damage, or at least lessen the blow.

via @kikehndez on IG

G-Form offers a couple of other options to go along with the Elite Speed. The elbow guard Kike Hernandez is rocking above is their bigger, two-strapped Elite 2 Elbow Guard with the added forearm extension. This product is available for $55 on the G-Form site. The leg guard is also available in a handful of colors for $65 in both right and left handed varieties.

G-Form did a great job with the Elite Speed guard. It was super comfortable and felt protective too. I’ll provide a follow up, either here or on the WPW IG page, if I do take one off the elbow to give a little more feedback on the feel.

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  1. Great review I have always used g-form for baseball and mountain biking and absolutely love their guards and gloves.

    1. Thank you! I was very impressed and cool to hear positive things about their non-baseball products as well

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