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Mizuno Drops the Ichiro A51 Glove (Very Limited)

Mizuno is synonymous with extreme levels of craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to performance. The Mizuno A51 is the result of one of the most iconic names in baseball gloves working with probably the most recognizable Japanese-born player of all time, Ichiro Suzuki.

Ichiro was very particular with the gloves he took the field with. The A51 is the culmination of his and Mizuno Japan’s Glove Mastercraftsman Ko Kishimoto’s years of dedication to their craft.

WPW made the trip to Japan a couple years back to learn a little more about the precision and level of detail that went into every one of Ichiro’s gloves. The video below shows the story of just how particular Ichiro was about his tools.

Just like Ichiro’s gamers, the A51 is crafted at Mizuno’s world famous Haga, Japan factory. The Haga factory is renowned for the quality of gloves they produce. This means the A51 will almost certainly exceed expectations you have when it comes to materials and build quality.

The Mizuno A51 is a 12.75″ outfield pattern with a modified trap style web. The version making its way to Mizuno USA is this stealthy jet black model.

The A51 boasts a feature I have never seen on a glove before. The top of the middle and ring finger are reinforced with an addition piece of leather for longevity and durability.

Even the wrist logo is something you don’t see everyday from the legendary Japanese brand. The A51 has a limited edition silicone runbird logo in an eye-catching metallic silver.

The Mizuno A51 comes in at $600, steeper than the vast majority of gloves on the market but with craftsmanship and quality to match. Not to mention quantities coming to the US are very limited.

You can see an amazing behind the scenes look at the development of the A51 with this conversation between Ichiro and Kishimoto. Well worth the watch.

Let us know your thoughts on one of the more special gloves to go on sale and what other gloves you would like to see from Mizuno in the comments!


  1. This is my “dream” glove. I have loved the Mizuno Pro line of gloves for several years…

  2. This is my “Dream” glove also! By far. Perfection from Mizuno and a baseball Legend. I have a couple Mizuno Pro LEs for infield, but this glove is The One. WPW, Mike & staff, your site and YT channel are awesome!!!

    1. hey thanks Mike!

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