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Nokona Releases v2 of Exotic G-Series Glove Line

Nokona has never been afraid to use unconventional leathers. The G Series from Nokona highlights just how unique some of their offerings are. You expect a ball glove to feature calfskin, steerhide, or kip but the G Series pairs their Japanese CalfSKN with things like shark and elephant leather.

The full line features 6 individual offerings with different exotic leathers. The leather options are elephant, giraffe, ostrich, caiman, alligator, and shark. All of these leathers were obtained in a manner approved by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). CITES is an international agreement, signed by 184 parties in 1973, designed to ensure that international trade in animals and plants does not threaten their survival in the wild. Currently, CITES accords varying degrees of protection to more than 37,000 species of animals and plants.

The v2 launch features 11.5” and 12” models in RHT only, catering to infielders and pitchers with the web options available.

The gloves that just released are:

An 11.5” I-web featuring brown alligator and blonde Japanese CalfSKN.

An all tan 11.5” I-web featuring caiman leather.

A black Japanese CalfSKN and elephant 12” H-web.

An 11.5” I-web with the same color palette but featuring giraffe.

An H-Web offering featuring gray Japanese CalfSKN and black Shark leather.

And the final option geared towards pitchers is this black and tan ostrich 12” mod trap.

All of the gloves from the G Series will cost a pretty penny at between $1,000 and $1,200. The price tag does come with exclusivity as there will only be 5 of each glove made. Nokona has always pushed the envelope when it comes to their leathers and the G Series epitomizes that.

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