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Show It Off: 2017 Oregon Ducks

Oregon Gloves

We’ve never had more submissions from college and pro ballplayers than this off-season.  Our Instagram inbox is flooded with swag.  I hadn’t heard a peep, though, from arguably the most swagged out team in baseball at any level—Oregon.

Year after year, the Ducks are the beneficiaries of Nike’s best, brightest, and most cutting-edge work.  Here’s a look inside the 2017 Ducks locker room, thanks to Oregon infielder Kyle Kasser.  Follow him @kvkasser_1.

We can start with the Rawlings combo above, which includes a plethora of custom leather, all worthy of their own spotlight, but one stands out (or does it blend in?) from the rest:

Oregon Camo Catchers Glove

Catcher Tim Susnara’s camo mesh mitt, which you can actually get at this link on Rawlings’ custom builder.

I can’t help but be drawn to RHP Connor Zwetsch’s rich tan hinged web (right of Susnara’s camo piece).  That color is luscious.

Oregon Gloves

The bats from L to R: Velo Alloy, Quatro, Velo, Trio (shop at the links)

Kasser says that he uses the red Velo Alloy, which he likes because it is well-balanced.  Kasser says that the neon Quatro and white Trio are more top heavy, while the red Velo Alloy and blue Velo are more balanced.

Oregon Batting Gloves

Vapor Elite BGs.  This is MAX SWOOSH.  Seriously, the logo is geometrically maxed out on these gloves.  Seems like Nike just wanted to get into the standard TV shots without needing to pay the pitcher.  Can’t knock the hustle.  I actually prefer older versions like Josh Donaldson’s.

Oregon Batting Gloves 2

Still, Oregon gets 4 custom versions of them, which is just stupid.  Just get me four pairs of the black.  That’s all I need.

Which BG for a walk-off?

Oregon Clipper Turfs

Some of the first Clipper turfs we’ve seen, with a subtle yet fresh custom toe detail.

Oregon Clipper Turfs 2

Oregon Clipper Turfs 3

Which would you rock?  Shop the Clipper turf here.

Oregon Ultrafly Cleats 2

And now, for the main dish… Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite.  The Ferrari of baseball cleats.  And the Ducks get 3 of ’em.

Oregon Ultrafly Cleats

Oregon Ultrafly Cleats White

Which Ultrafly would be your go-to?  Shop ’em here.

Oregon Cleats

Thanks to @kvkasser_1 for the shots. Follow @uoducksbaseball on Instagram.

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