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Social Distancing for Ballplayers: Juan Soto, Trea Turner, Clint Frazier Swag

Mandatory Corona Update

The coronavirus has shut down every non-essential facet of our daily lives, and for the last few days I’ve been wondering what the hell we’re supposed to even be doing here at WPW. Cancelling the NBA season and Spring Training was a dagger through our hearts, and our content plans. I had been on the road since February 26th, filming Locker Tour content with around 30 players up until March 12. The guillotine dropped on Spring Training as I shot the final Yankees vs. Nationals game in West Palm Beach. As Trea Turner left the game and headed for the tunnel, he said, “Well, see you in 3 months.” Sadly, he may not be far off.

Despite the fact that we will not see another pitch for at least eight weeks, and with the understanding that we all need SOME FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT, here’s some swag from the bottom of my heart.

Yankees @ Nationals

The baddest dude on the block, Juan Soto, who gained national attention during his team’s 2019 World Series run for his jaw-dropping displays of dominance before and after the pitch was thrown. Juan has not missed a beat:

Laying the bat across the plate, letting it sit there as he digs in his back foot, then picking the bat up and “addressing” the pitcher (probably while he grabs his crotch) is not something I’m used to seeing, and my instinctive reaction to it was pretty much “shock and awe.” It blew me away. There’s even a sense of dominance with the way he taps the catcher and umpire with the bat. This guy is 21, by the way.

Soto’s Under Armour cleats resemble the Yards, available at Dick’s, but in reality these are highly customized to Soto’s wants/needs and are as exclusive as any baseball cleat that UA makes.

Soto has reached that level of stardom where the brand will do anything he asks.

Juan Soto is still running with last year’s A2K 1799 gamer, and I can’t blame him. Its sharp, and it still looks great. Here it was last Spring Training on my hand (I asked Juan’s permission first, of course):

Customize Soto’s Wilson A2K 1799 glove at JustGloves.com. (We tried to build it on Wilson.com for you but when we hit “Review & Buy,” nothing happened.)

Soto also had player exclusive batting gloves. These are the Harper style from a couple of years ago, the ones that matched the Harper 3s. They’re sexy AF but did not receive good performance reviews on UA.com where they are still available at $4.


It feels like ever since the brand 100% showed up, shades have gotten louder and louder. Soto’s neon green Under Armour Changeup style is available at Dick’s but only in black. Editor’s Note: I have been using UA shades since mid-year last year and they are my favorites.

Miguel Andujar is rocking the 100% Speedcraft SL in black. The exact same shades are available at Baseball Express. The BP/Spring Training hat is also pretty sick and can be had at Dick’s.

Clint Frazier wore Oakley Radars, offered in many options at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Mandatory look at Frazier’s cleats… Jordan 1 (please comment what they are)

Trea Turner’s Two Beauties

While Trea Turner wore his gorgeous brown/camel Pro Mesh PRONP5-1JC 11.5″ glove in the game (above), it was exciting to see him breaking in the custom Rawlings he made with WPW last Spring:

You can see Trea breaking it in at camp on our IG, and you can get that glove at Rawlings.com for $360. (Trea added the sweatband but has subsequently removed it.)

Andujar, who is getting reps in the outfield, wore a Wilson A2K KP92 with the snakeskin look out in right.

More Wilson, as Victor Robles wore a loud red and blue 1799 with pink stitching.

A bit much for my taste.

Eric Thames’ 9INE Sports elbow guard is still the size of my torso.

Sean Doolittle’s Wilson has a special message on the ring finger: “PUNCH YOU IN THE EYE,” a reference to the band Phish, and not without innuendo for the hitter.

Let us know what you think in the comments. One lucky commenter will win a pair of custom cleats by @ikb20_customs, sponsored by your friends at What Pros Wear. You pick the cleat. You pick the size. You pick the design.


  1. Frazier’s wearing the Jordan 1 metallic navy with a cleat bottom put on it

  2. I wonder how many baseballs Eric Thames can crush with his biceps.

  3. Just a heads up – Andujar is wearing the regular 100% Speedcraft, not the Speedcraft SL. Very easy to get mixed up since they’re so similar.

  4. No one needs a guard that big but I do like those cleats on Clint Fraizer and Juan Soto.

  5. Soto’s glove looks so sharp

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