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Spikelangelo: First Impressions of the #UnderArmour Yard ST

Well, look who showed up fashionably late to the party. After Mizuno, Nike, and New Balance hit the market last week, UA has just released a second half entry of their own, the UA Yard ST. They might have missed out on a few early sales, but with this tactic, they get a dedicated post on WPW, so their tardiness paid off. Before a cleat hits the market, I usually see it in a game first, but I have yet to spot any of Under Armour’s contract athletes wearing the Yard ST. That won’t stop me from telling you my first impressions on this attention-grabbing shoe.

Under Armour Yard ST (Mid, Low)

I loved the design at first sight.  Ever since Nike debuted the Huarache 2K4 Metal in 2006, I have been drawn like a moth to a flame with cleats that look like a basketball shoe. The paneling on the side wall of the shoe makes an aggressive statement. The Yard ST does a great job of capturing intensity in it’s design. I have yet to wear Under Armour cleats in my career but I have heard rave reviews on their 2013 line.

One small detail in the design that makes a big difference is their studded 4D foam insole. That makes for great grip inside your cleat.  With only six cleats I suspect this shoe to possibly present some hot spots under your foot. I feel the more cleats there are, the better the pressure will be distributed, such as the Mizuno 9-spike configuration (which I highlighted previously).  That can be a big deal especially to the athlete who has to stand in the outfield and shag BP for an hour.  The CompFit sleeve will give you that extra snug fit around your ankle. Topped off with perforated nubuck, this cleat will be breathable and smooth.  At 13.2 ounces for the mid, this is a lightweight performance spike.  I want to hold this cleat in hand before I run out and buy it, but I have to give Under Armour a thumbs up for another original design.

You can get the Mid and Low versions at Eastbay. Also, Eastbay is carrying the new Mizuno 9 Spike Advanced Pro Elite and Vapor Elite 7.

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