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Sponsored: Pelican Bat Wax, the Finest All-Natural Grip in Baseball


Editor’s Note: Give Pelican Bat Wax a look.  I am using it myself this season, it’s as good as any grip product I’ve used (I would have turned them away if it wasn’t), and they’re pouring their heart and soul into every bar.

From Pelican:

Pelican Bat Wax was founded in the Bayview district of San Francisco in 2013. The mission behind the company is to produce a superior baseball bat grip using only the finest ingredients around. Nothing is synthetic which results in a completely natural and extremely effective bat grip. The formula includes products from all over the globe, and we’ve tested it in all conditions to ensure that Pelican Bat Wax is ready for both the professional and amateur field. 

Pelican Bat Wax is produced in the USA and every bar is checked by hand to ensure that the product you receive meets our uncompromising standards. While many grip sticks out there are manufactured at high volumes then relabeled for other vendors, Pelican Bat Wax is unique in that there is no formula like it and it’s quality is never compromised by mass production.


Pelican Bat Wax is experiencing its first taste of the Show this Spring.  Here’s what the pros have to say about it:

Chris Swauger, St. Louis Cardinals:

“I’ve always used Tiger Stick.  Pelican Bat Wax seemed pretty similar but not as gunky (if that’s a word).  I have no problem recommending it.”

Jacob Wilson, St. Louis Cardinals:

“Been a big hit around the early camp guys… I like this stuff a lot more than the regular pine tar we have sitting out.”

Dante Bichette, Jr., New York Yankees:

“Better than the stick.  Doesn’t get quite as wet in the sun.”

Ryan Huck, Oakland Athletics:

“I’ve been using the Tiger Stick and it gives a lot of grip but sometimes I feel like I can’t get the bat out of my hands.  Pelican Bat Wax was sticky enough to give me the grip but I didn’t have it glued to my hands.  Definitely a good thing.”

Visit PelicanBatWax.com and grab a bar.  WPW readers get 10% off with the discount code “whatproswear”.  They’re available in the three colors you see above.

A couple other quick links for further reading:

How to Apply Pelican Bat Wax

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@PelicanBatWax is also a great follow on Instagram.


  1. I got some to try as a replacement for pine tar..This stuff works great, even in cooler weather when tar sticks just chip off. Love it and it looks like it will last a long time.

    1. I just went to DICK’s and picked up a tiger bat stick, it’s super sticky, but like you said, your hands are like glued to the bat.

  2. Viper bat stick (http://www.viperbats.com/manny_mota_grip_stick.php) is also used by some teams. I’m a
    Yankees fan, and last year, I saw Jeter putting it on his bat.

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