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Sponsored Post: Pelican Pitcher’s Balm, the All-Weather, All-Natural Pitcher’s Grip


There have been a ton of advancements with batting and the hitter’s grip. Pine tar substitutes have been developed as well as a variety of bat tapes, but not much has been done for the pitcher and his grip. That all boils down to one reason… adding any foreign substance to the ball is illegal as stated in the MLB rulebook Rule 8.02. The problem with pine tar is that it’s so loose and messy, so it’s hard to use the stuff without getting it on the ball. Fresh pine tar has a consistency similar to Elmer’s Glue and until it dries, it’s pretty hard to manage.

The only thing a pitcher is permitted to use for grip is Rosin. Rosin is useless in cold temps, so that’s why pitchers must take their chances with illegal pine tar when it gets chilly (as we saw recently with Pineda—listen to Al Leiter and David Cone in the video below for two great MLB pitcher’s takes on this very subject).

Although the use of pine tar is illegal, a lot of guys still use it because they need the grip and there isn’t another option. And it’s not just pine tar. Guys have been concocting their own formulas for years. Whether it’s sun lotion and rosin or Vaseline and dirt, pitchers have creatively found ways to get a better grip on the ball. Ask any batter if it’s okay with them for a pitcher to do this while throwing 90+ and the sane ones will say yes. Its common sense that a pitcher should have an idea where the ball is going.


So why Pelican Pitcher’s Balm? Our balm works in any temperature. It doesn’t need perfect conditions like rosin. It won’t leave a residue like Pineda’s pine tar. It rubs on your fingertips semi-transparent and will give the pitcher a nice subtle dry tack for just the right grip and control.

Baseball is constantly changing and Rule 8.02 is one that we will see evolve very soon. It’s time we give the pitcher something they can consistently use in any condition that ensures a good grip, just like the batter.

Pelican Pitcher’s Balm is made out of the finest all natural ingredients available. It was created for the pitcher but can be used by any position player where increased grip on the throwing hand is needed.

Our product is filling an obvious void between the pitcher and their grip and it’s time for the pitcher to benefit from the advancements made in pine tar substitution.  We hope you’ll give it a shot and through WPW we’re offering 10% off your purchase using the discount code “whatproswear” at this link.

—Dave, PelicanBatWax.com (@PelicanBatWax on Twitter and Instagram)

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  1. do you still sell the pitcher’s balm

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