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SWAG SPRINGS ETERNAL: What We’re Seeing at Spring Training

When I saw Randy Johnson holding a venti and dropping knowledge at A’s camp, that was the official WE’RE BACK moment for me. The boys are buzzin’, the birds are chirpin’, Spring is here. Ahead of WPW’s annual Cactus League loop, there was just too much swag coming out of AZ and FL not to run my mouth about it.

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While the Trashcan Chronicles continue to dominate the airwaves, things with the uncontroversially awesome 2019 World Champion Washington Nationals are decidedly more chill. They have Juan Soto, who, at 20 years old, slugged .741 in his first World Series. So its all good.

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Day Juan. ✅

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Soto, who approaches every at-bat like a fist fight, is still in his Under Armour Yards, but it looks like these are modified specifically for Soto. They’re molded, with the same bottom as Wil Myers’ Yard 5/8 from way back. Shop the UA Yard at Dick’s or Baseball Express.

Ryan McMahon seems to make this hand-eye wizardry look easy. Guarantee I’d be bleeding from my nose in seconds. TEKXYZ Reflex Ball, $17 on Amazon.

This is the type of image that smacks me upside the head with some heavy spring fever. You’re flipping through IG in a cold apartment in Boston and you’re seeing this and you’re saying, you know what, 41 degrees ISN’T that cold. Lets go toss. (Tatis in the 100% Speedcraft sunglasses)

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Change The Game 🖤

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Tim Anderson is a guy that needs a locker tour. Comic book bat flips, textbook pinstripe tapered uni, and a new MAROOCH?!

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H I T M A N 🕴🏾

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YOU CAN’T WEAR A BASEBALL UNIFORM BETTER THAN THIS. I’m at a point now, having worn mediocre pants for 30 years, where I’m thinking of taking my new Nike DriFit Baseball Pants (ahem $40 at Dicks Sporting Goods) to the tailor so I can finally get ’em right. Making it to The Show has a lot of perks, but getting perfectly fitting pants has to be right up there.

Jesse Chavez is a flamethrower with Custom Cleats. If you know this shoe, please comment.

Speaking of commenting, we are working on a monthly giveaway as a sign of appreciation to WPW commenters who make this community better (website only). The first giveaway will be at the end of this month. All February commenters will be entered into the giveaway, so get started now.

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🔥 🔥 🔥 #ThisIsMyCrew

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Got about 45 inboxes on Yelich switching to Nike. This happens every year, some big player starts wearing something new, and sometimes it doesn’t stick. It was photo day, though, and Yeli wore Nike Force Elite BG’s. That feels far more official.

Jordan 1’s for Miguel Rojas

The Jordan 1 has been the hottest cleat at Spring Training so far. Marlins infielder Miguel Rojas’ customs by @nomad_customs are some of the hottest I’ve seen. They’ve got that Miami Vice swag. You can shop the Jordan 1 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Rojas’ whites ain’t bad either.

Evan Mendoza, Cardinals minor leaguer and @stadiumcustomkicks collaborator, had these beauties made up.

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Just before publish, I noticed this on IG too. Trout x Lizard Skins? We’ll see more about that on 2/28, but for now you can shop Lizard Skins at Dick’s. Please tag us on Instagram or comment below on any other swag to be seen.


  1. I hope to win something from the monthly giveaway, I don’t have social media so this is my only way to ever win something from you guys!

  2. Jessie Chavez rocking the Nike Cortez, classic East LA staple!!!

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