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Tanks for Playing: MLB is Back and Sleeves are Optional

Well here we are people, baseball is back on the field. Yes, it’s hard to believe that we are actually here. The haters said it couldn’t be done, but the echoing crack of the bat and pop of the glove in empty Big League cathedrals throughout the country doesn’t lie. We have Major Leaguers playing baseball. It’s a sight to behold.

Red Turner paid homage to “Chico the Clubbie” on Wednesday, who filled in for the Dodgers in LF during a recent intrasquad game at Chavez Ravine

Judging by how the first half of 2020 has gone for the world at large, we at What Pros Wear are expecting the unexpected, because at this point, how could you not? If you’ve had a recurring nightmare where you wake up in a cold sweat after reading a Buster Olney tweet about the cancellation of the season before it starts, you’re not alone. But baseball is showing the will to carry on, no matter how weird things might get out there.

As players around the nation have reported for Spring Training 2.0, aka “Summer Camp” at their respective home ballparks, we can’t help but notice a surprising fashion trend popping up around the league. It’s unclear who exactly started it, but it’s clearly a thing. Guys are really big into tanks this year. Or cut-offs. Or a tank cut-off, or whatever the hell you want to call it. But to be clear, the 2020 Big Leaguer is dead-set on showing off his guns after a few extra months of curls in front of the home gym mirror.

Tanks are “in.” Hitting tanks has always been “in.” Hitting tanks in tanks? A phenomenon. So far, nobody on the Astros has been seen wearing a tank yet in Summer Camp, so this hip trend might still have some legs. 😏

On July 3rd, Giancarlo Stanton showed up in Yankee Stadium with huge arms, as we certainly expected. But with the Yanks’ uptight appearance policies, it was a bit surprising to see Stanton chop off the sleeves of his team issued Flux Performance hoodie ($45-$60, limited teams) to show off the pipes. Apparently, Aaron Boone and Yankee brass doesn’t seem to mind, so long as he rakes for the 60 game sprint.

For Yankees fans, here’s another strong argument for TANKS:

This Judge numbered hoodie is too money to last. WPW’s editor-in-chief just got one at $75 (sizes very limited). The editor won’t be taking scissors to these, but he won’t need to…the sleeves are tearaway.

Speaking of hitting tanks in a tank, how about freshly minted Cincinnati Red Nick Castellanos taking Trevor Bauer DEEP at the Great American Ballpark and pimping the living sh-t out of it, all in an all-black cutoff tank. This is a tank you can make for yourself at home. Swing sold separately.


Staying with the Reds theme here for a second, how about the man with 284 career tanks, Joey Votto, with the Black Lives Matter tank? ($10 on Etsy) Votto has always been known to enjoy his time at the ballyard and engage with fans and share his opinions freely. Here’s another example of Votto reaching out to the fans and speaking from his heart on an issue that matters to him. Bravo Joey Votto, we stand with you.

Baseball practice in Arizona is probably like 1,000 degrees, so I guess you could say you’re bound to see some tanks out that way in July. Jake Lamb is wearing what looks to be a finely tapered DIY tank during his BP session. You can achieve a similar look with any of these Nike performance long sleeves.

Out in Philly we had J.T. Realmuto showing up to BP with a “hoodie-tank” like Giancarlo’s in the Bronx (available in limited sizes with the “P” on the chest). Realmuto butchered this poor hoodie, cutting it up like that ten year veteran at your local Gold’s Gym. Realmuto is making it clear that he enjoys pumping iron and hitting tanks. Who could blame him?

Down in San Diego we weren’t shocked to see Manny Machado pushing the fashion envelope inside Petco Park. After all, when your net worth is 9 figures you wear whatever the hell you want. He looks like Zach Morris headed to the beach at the beginning of summer. Mannys like to be Mannys. Just let it happen. (Shorts available at Dick’s for $55 – Thanks to @stadiumcustomkicks for the heads up!)

James McCann boldly tanks where few catchers have tanked before. Apparently McCann has no issues taking a 95 mph foul tip in a tank. (Catchers: Don’t Try This At Home)

God it’s nice to have baseball back by the way. Did we mention that? Let’s keep it that way. Be smart, be healthy, hit tanks.

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