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Top 5 Balanced Bat Models of the 2020 World Series

In this two-part feature, we’re recapping the top bats of the World Series, starting with the balanced models that made the biggest impact on the series.  In the past, “balanced” bats have mistakenly been linked with “contact” hitters.  That’s simply not true anymore, as modern MLB players continue to shatter home run records with thinner barrels and lower swing weights.  Here’s a few of the 2020 World Series standouts that swing balanced bats, a description of the cut, and where you can get one like it.

Randy Arozarena’s Chandler AP5M


Via @raysbaseball on Instagram

Randy Arozarena set the all-time hit record for a single postseason, coming out of nowhere to carry the Rays offense.  Arozarena swung at least two different bat companies including Marucci and Chandler, with similar cuts.  The Chandler AP5M (Albert Pujols variant) is a modified version of the AP5 that reduces the diameter of the barrel to increase density and balance. Even with the modification, the barrel maintains a healthy diameter and a long sweet spot. These barrel characteristics paired with a medium handle and a medium knob makes the bat feel surprisingly balanced. The Chandler AP5M is not available for purchase, but the Sam Bat equivalent is available for customization here for $190.

Mookie Betts’ Victus MB50 Axe


Via @dodgers on Instagram

The MB50 Axe, the bat that clinched the Dodgers’ first World Series championship since 1988, is possibly the most popular Axe model in the MLB. This is due to its medium barrel, intermediate sweet spot length, and medium handle. These characteristics combined with the Axe knob make the turn suitable for any hitter. You can purchase the Axe MB50 at Baseball Express for $220 and it includes a Mookie Betts Lizard Skin grip.

Corey Seager’s Trinity CS271


via @mlb on Instagram

World Series MVP Corey Seager’s modified 271 keeps the overall 271 feel but adds slight barrel weight to help increase swing speed. The bat features a medium tapered barrel, medium handle, and flared knob for added comfort. This is an excellent model for those new to wood bats, and worked pretty darn well for Seager, who hit .400 in the World Series. The Trinity CS271 is available for purchase for the refreshingly low price of $104 via Trinity Bats.

Brandon Lowe’s Old Hickory DP15


Via @raysbaseball on Instagram

Brandon Lowe struggled throughout the playoffs, but managed to drive in six runs in the World Series with an Old Hickory DP15 (Dustin Pedroia Model).  Lowe’s bat is most similar to the S318 turn model. It features a medium-large barrel with an extended sweet spot. The generous barrel is paired with a thick handle and a traditional knob. This makes the model effective for both contact and power hitters. The Old Hickory DP15 is available for purchase at OldHickoryBats.com for $150.

Austin Barnes’ Marucci MR24

The MR24 (Manny Ramirez model) is another S318 type bat that features a long sweet spot with a slightly reduced diameter. The model has a medium handle and a traditional knob. The reduced diameter allows for more balance, greater durability, and increased performance. The Marucci MR24 is not available online but you can order the CG1 from Sam Bat and ask for it to be thinned into the MR24 model in the special instructions. The Sam Bat CG1 can be customized at SamBat.com for $150.

Next up we’ll take a look at the endloaded models that starred in the World Series.

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