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Updated (Again): Nike Catcher’s Gear 2022 Release Date Pushed to December 1st

We told you last year that Nike catchers gear would be making a return to retail… we finally have some details:

Nike will be launching their new catcher’s gear (above on Will Smith) in an extremely limited capacity on November 1 at Nike.com. UPDATE: Nike has told WPW that the catchers gear will now release DECEMBER 1. Only 60 sets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and you must have a membership at Nike.com.

Don’t fret though: if you’re not one of the lucky ones to get the first 60 sets, they’ll launch at Dick’s, Academy Sports, Scheels, and other key retailers on January 1st, 2023. (This info is unchanged as of 11/1/22)

This is welcome news for the hundreds of people who have emailed us asking about Nike gear for the last decade. 😂 For more details on the new Nike gear, see our previous post about it, and let us know what you think below.


  1. catchers gear Grey body with Red
    like J.T. Realmuto

  2. How much will it cost ?

  3. is the stitching on it white ?

  4. price

  5. It’s not on there

  6. Any idea what time its dropping? Right at midnight or….?

  7. I don’t think it cams out did it?

  8. Fake news? Did this happen?

  9. Is there anyone who got this product?

    1. not out until december… we just updated the article yesterday.

  10. Will the set was be NOCSAE certified

  11. Will it come with the option of a 1 or a 2 piece helmet?

  12. Will it come with the one piece helmet?

    1. Hey Cabe, just heard from Nike. No mask included.

  13. Will it be nocsae certified

  14. At what time will the gear be released on December 1st, and will it be noscae certified

  15. Bro its midnight where is this stuff at?

  16. Nike doesn’t release stuff at midnight.

  17. Where is it?

  18. Where is the gear at

  19. What time will the Nike gear be released to the public on 1/1?

  20. It was released at 6am PST, and the leg guards sold out by 11am PST.

  21. Hey, it’s January 1 and I don’t see the Nike catchers gear up on any of the websites right now

  22. Do you knows when you’ll be able to buy it from dicks or see it?

  23. Did it released at dicks yet?

  24. Hey, it’s January 1 and I don’t see the Nike catchers gear up on any of the websites
    What’s going on??

  25. Hey, when will the gear drop. I have checked all the websites and nothing is up????

  26. Did they release the catchers gear on the 1/1/2023? I’ve checked with both academy and dicks sporting and neither store has it or has heard of it being released. Thanks in advance

  27. When will the Nike gear come out??

  28. I’m confused, there’s nothing in stores yet or online?

  29. There’s nothing in stores or online I can’t find anything please update this if you have heard anything else?

  30. Exactly I don’t see anything either

  31. Hi, do you know if the Nike Catchers Gear should be in stock at Dicks?

  32. It hasn’t been released on any of the sites since January 1st.

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