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Varo RAP: A Weighted Bat Sleeve that Improves Bat Speed and Protects Your Bat


Varo, the company whose bat weights have swept the league in recent years, recently released a new product called the “RAP,” designed to improve your hitting and the durability of your bat at the same time.

Simply, the Varo RAP is a sleeve that goes around the barrel of your bat and adds 4 well-balanced ounces to it.  It is designed to be used during live batting practice, and while the added weight should improve your bat speed, the sleeve also doubles as a protective layer for the hitting surface of your bat.  Bats are expensive these days, and extending the life of your bat could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


I have personally swung the RAP and can tell you that it feels really good.  If you are concerned that adding 4 ounces will make the bat top-heavy and alter your natural swing, trust me that it won’t.  I swung with it in the cage and it felt 100% natural.  I was actually surprised at how well I could handle the bat with the added weight, and once I removed it, my hands felt quicker.

Since I swung in the cage, I don’t know how much it effects hit distance, but I didn’t really detect a difference between exit velocity with and without the RAP.  My bat still seemed just as live with it on.

The one thing I did notice was that the Varo RAP does tend to slide down the bat due to the momentum of your swing, so you’ll need to be sure its wrapped as tightly as possible, and you may need to pull it back up an inch or two after so many swings.

Get the Varo RAP here. ($29.99)

Has anyone out there used the RAP?  Let us know in the comments!

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