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What Pros Wear: Ryan Zimmerman (Glove, Sunglasses)

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Ryan Zimmerman wears a gorgeous camel Pro Preferred glove and UA Igniter sunglasses.

(Meant to add this last night but internet was down—another post coming tonight)

Ryan Zimmerman, 2009 winner of the Gold Glove and Fielding Bible awards, doesn’t just add runs, he takes them away.  Zimmerman’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-6K, which is available online through Eastbay, is featured in one of GEICO’s Caveman commercials.

Those commercials were tired the moment they first aired.  But the gloves does look great.

For sunny day games, Zimmerman wears Under Armour Igniter sunglasses, similar to those you see in the feature.

As you can see in the photo, Zimm’s Igniter sunglasses have a red Under Armour logo.  Aside from that, they are just like the style available online, and there are also a few other colorways that are pretty sharp-looking as well.

Zimmerman also wears an Under Armour wristband with his number on it.  This, as usual, is unavailable online.

Numbered wristbands, the bane of WPW readers’ existence. Source: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images North America

A little fun fact: Zimmerman played AAU baseball with a few guys you may have heard of—David Wright, BJ Upton, and Mark Reynolds, and supposedly they all played infield.  How would you like to pitch against that lineup?

Here are the links:

Rawlings Pro Preferred PRO200-6K  (No longer available)

Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses (closest to Zimm’s are the Shiny White/Grey/Orange Multiflection)

Under Armour Wristbands (no numbers)



  1. How about that beauty on the hand of Mark Derosa next to Zimmerman

  2. What colour is the glove that Mark Derosa has on his hand

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