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Who’s Swinging What at the HR Derby? (Shohei Ohtani’s Bat, Joey Gallo’s Bat)

We’ve got quite the show for tonight’s HR Derby. Shohei Ohtani, who will be the AL’s starting pitcher, will also be the top seed in the HR Derby. You may never see such a thing again in your life. Here’s what every slugger is swinging in the Derby tonight.

Shohei – Asics Goldstage

This is the most mysterious bat in baseball, as its the only one that we don’t have anyone that we can ask about it. Its an Asics Goldstage, and its hitting balls harder than any other bat on Earth right now.

If you have any details, please comment!

Juan Soto – Old Hickory AJ25

Update: Soto, who has swung Old Hickory for several years exclusively now, swung a Louisville Slugger KS12 (Schwarber model) in the Derby. Weird but true.

One of three swinging Old Hickory in the 2021 Derby, Juan Soto’s Old Hick is the AJ25.

According to Old Hickory, Juan Soto’s Old Hickory AJ25 “is cut to the G175 profile. It has a medium barrel with a long taper to an extra thin handle and a flared knob.”

Dimensions = 2 17/32 Barrel (medium), 7/8 handle (thin), flared knob

Juan Soto’s bat model is available at this link.

Salvador Perez – Victus i13C

Salvador Perez has run through just about every bat brand in his career, but he’s settled in lately with Victus. While he’s switched out the label, the i13 has always been his favored profile—the classic endloaded power hitter’s model. Find i13 variations at VictusSports.com.

Pete Alonso – Dove Tail Bats PA20 XRI

Based off the “huge” barreled Louisville Slugger D200 (swung in the past by Buster Posey), Pete Alonso is still swinging the PA20, but with a new handle. Its the XR “Icon,” which is rounded, not oval like his previous choice, the Axe handle.

Looks like the Polar Bear’s got some options.

Matt Olson – Old Hickory GB2

Matt Olson swings the Old Hickory GB2, a 34″ bat with a medium barrel to a very thin handle and a flared knob.  Old Hickory says “the build of this bat allows for extra whip and bat speed.”  Matt Olson has plenty of both.

Shop the GB2 from Old Hickory at a range of $110-$160, depending on the level of customization.  At $110 you get a heck of a lot of customization on OldHickoryBats.com.

Trey Mancini – Louisville Slugger C243

Another classic power hitter model, Trey Mancini’s C243 is one of baseball’s most popular ever.  Its considered the original power bat. You might find it on Baseball Express.

Joey Gallo – Marucci JG13

Here’s a couple options for Joey Gallo tonight:

Joey Gallo’s bat is a unique one. Its a JG13P2, a model custom built for Gallo, according to Marucci, “through data and analytics through our partnership with the Baseball Performance Lab and the Texas Rangers.

Joey visited (Marucci’s) campus prior to the season to have his own model custom built for his performance with emphasis on Balance Point Index – an interential statistic used to measure swing weight.”

From a story on MLB.com:

“I usually use a top-heavier bat,” Gallo explained. “Then Marucci kind of told me that if I distributed the weight a little bit more, made it a little more balanced and had more weight down by the handle, I would swing the bat a little bit better, and my hands would be quicker and whatnot, so it’s pretty interesting stuff. I have those bats coming this spring.”

You can see the funky knob, which seems to be helping Joey Gallo find his optimum balance point in his swing.

Trevor Story – Old Hickory ML1

Trevor Story’s bat of choice is the Old Hickory ML1. It combines a 110 barrel with a 271 handle—Story is the only one in baseball with this bat, which combines two balanced turning models.  The ML1 is not available online but the closest turn model is the Old Hickory JC1.


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! Great stuff!!

  2. Ohtani swings a Asics gold stage birch model the turn is a 243 with a modified taper he swung a 110 with a 318 handle his rookie season

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