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Who’s Wearing What at Spring Training ’21? Marcus Stroman, Willson Contreras, Vlad Jr.

WPW Discord (24 hour link to join) has been going off lately. Lots of big names showing up to camp with different brands on. Here’s what’s been rolling down the feed so far (not an “official announcement” unless otherwise stated, just observations):

Willson Contreras famously wore a Wilson glove that actually had an extra letter “l” in the logo patch so that it read “Willson.” For a century old company to do that for a player, that’s an all-time swag move. Thanks to Discord user ac11, we see Willson wearing a Rawlings, and something tells me Rawlings isn’t going to change the patch. It doesn’t feel right if he changes, but its a business as they say.

When adidas relaunched into baseball a few years back, Carlos Correa was their posterboy. Large sums of money were exchanged. Now adidas has a new posterboy (Tatis) and now Correa is wearing Nike. While this isn’t an announcement, Correa’s relationship with adidas was so strong that we’d be shocked if he was just flirting. (Huarache 3 turfs, thanks @cfd777 on Discord)

It might be easy to forget that Rendon is in Cali now with the Angels–and he put up huge numbers (again) in that God forsaken 2020. A longtime Rawlings loyalist…

…Rendon was recently seen with Marucci leather. Keep an eye out on this as the season starts. Thanks @topherkap on Discord (24 hr link) for the heads up.

Aaron Judge did this Rawlings 303 right. Navy with white trim for the Yankees is a perfect combination—though I can’t say I’ve ever seen any Yankee wear a non-standard colored glove (tan, black, grey). Probably another ANTI-FUN rule from the Yanks front office. Judge is also wearing his adidas trainers. Clint Frazier is also pictured in the whitest shoes ever seen on a ballfield (neutral grey 85 AF1). Tag team by @winnwinn3 / @jake-finkelstein on this one.

Corey Seager is now with adidas (traded for Correa straight up?). Corey has been a WPW advocate in the past—back in 2016 he actually DM’d us a few minutes before he went out to rake in the HR Derby in San Diego while I sat at a bar down the street watching. More recently, though, Corey told me he doesn’t really give much thought to his gear—guy just balls. Plus he’s got the swag that money can’t buy—a ring. @asaint on Discord confirmed this.

Via @Sbert on WPW Discord, Marcus Stroman has announced his own cleat, from his own brand: “Shugo.”

Here’s your first look at the shoe. What do you think?

If you’re interested go follow the account.

Evoshield is now offering an elbow guard with an extension to the forearm for $90, worn by Kris Bryant recently while taking Jake Arrieta over some fencing in the outfield. @Sbert again and @matty_fuego on this.

Ozzie Albies appears to have the entire alphabet inscribed on the ring finger of his Wilson OA1. While I can make out a few numbers, I need a decoder ring to figure this out (or an expert commenter). @Nathaneal G spotted this first.

via WPW follower @vladdyjr27

Last item of note: Vladdy in Jumpman. @Sbert had a big week. Join our Discord (24 hour link) so you can get the hype straight in your veins.


  1. The only yankee I’ve ever seen with a different colored glove is Frazier with his all red with black accents and the orange one

    1. good call.. hopefully that means things are changing! gotta get the crotchety old BS out.

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