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WPW Exclusive: Mystery J. Altuve Glove + Another Bat Co. Getting into the Glove Game?

So here’s the story.  We found this photo a few weeks ago thanks to Red Sox photography intern Michael Cummo.  We posted it on Instagram asking what brand it was.  After a lot of wrong guesses we got a response from @masekim who identified it as a “Hon” (meaning “Spirit”) glove, a Korean brand, which is non-existent online aside from a placeholder webpage.

@masekim added that the glove was produced in his company’s factory, who also produces gloves for other Asian brands SPS, Su, Aster, and Heat among others.  He was kind enough to send me some photos of a few of their models—some very unique work.  What was most intriguing to me though, was an up-and-coming American brand better known for their bats:


That’s a Tucci Lumber glove.  Tucci is best known for bats, swung by Prince, Elvis, and Tulo.  Tucci has shown a few photos of these on their Twitter account but there has been no mention of them selling them online.  However, we messaged them about it today and here’s there response:

tucci glove response

There you have it.  Keep an eye out in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, what do you think about these gloves?  Our source mentioned that his factory is preparing to release their own brand in the near future.  Would you rock one?  Tweet us about it—lets discuss.

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  1. Can you do an AJ Burnett WTPW?

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