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WPW On-Field: Pirates @ Mets


WPW’s east coast foot soldier on-field, Gemini Keez, will not sleep until every ounce of baseball swag that seeps onto CitiField is captured for our viewing pleasure.  Its awesome to see these images come through because there’s always something new and Keez knows just how to frame it.  Lets take a look at the Pirates @ Mets through the Keezcam.

The stars on Josh Harrison’s hat are “Stargell Stars,” a throwback to Willie Stargell’s little tokens of appreciation to teammates who made great contributions back in the 70s, when Stargell was one of the league’s most feared hitters.  These are cool.  Josh Harrison rocking them makes them cooler.


Infielder Phil Gosselin’s Rawlings Pro Mesh I-Web is a one-of-a-kind gem.  So sick, with the Rawlings oval sewn onto the mesh and some crazy leather work to get this beauty as light as possible while maintaining shape.


We’ve documented Harrison’s new glowing Afterburner 4s.  They’re dirty.  We’ve seen this design on a lot of guys and hoped to see them for sale—we haven’t seen them yet, but a new round of AB4s has arrived and its a nice consolation:

Afterburner 4 Cleats Silver

Shop these beauties here.


Harrison’s collection of custom Wilson 1786s rivals anybody in the league.  This one is one of his wildest, with yellow leather paired with Superskin.  Great combo.  Here’s a link to the closest alternative (for some reason white laces aren’t doable in the Wilson custom builder).


Combine the glove and the cleats with the Mimsband and that’s why J-Hay is one of the best in the business.


Speaking of the best in the business, McCutchen’s Swingman Legend cleats!  Shop the style on eBay.


Cutch was showing the Swingman batting gloves we’re used to seeing on him in BP, but in the game he switched them out for the Vapors:


Shop the Vapor Elite Pro on eBay.


McCutchen’s seems to have re-united with Nike leather this year.  We thought Nike was backing out entirely from the glove game, and maybe they still are, but Cutch seems to be wearing a glove very similar to this Nike SHA DO with Swingman logos.

The game glove is a trap web (just like above) with black lacing and a large Nike logo across the back of the hand.  We aren’t exactly sure what this glove is yet but we’ll report back when we know more.


Jay Bruce doesn’t really stand out as a guy to look to for style, but he’s ALWAYS been well-taken care of by Nike.  His Vapor Speed/Swingman combo turfs are the first we’ve seen and the NYC skyline accents add to the exclusivity.


Well what do we have here?  Lizard Skins with a fully custom batting glove for Francisco Cervelli?  Look at the design, the detail.  These things are bad!  We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of these.  Unreal.

Shop Lizard Skins BG’s here.


More unique batting gloves, this time the Cutters Power Control for rookie Josh Bell.  We had actually heard that Cutters was getting out of baseball, but they have some BG’s similar to these available for a good price at the above link.

Don’t miss Bell’s Victus 271 Birch that has added some thump to the Pirates lineup.


More lumber, Josh Harrison’s favorite cut, the Slugger JH5 Birch, which you can customize on Slugger’s awesome custom builder.


McCutchen’s AM22 has been picked up by Buster Posey recently, too.  The AM22 is very similar to the CUTCH22, with a slightly different barrel.  You can get the Cutch22 here.


Dory coming in with the knockout punch.

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