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via @mlb

Some Franklin CFX Pros from 2013 I’ve never seen before via @mlb

Yeah, its February.  Sure, you’re probably due for some shoveling this weekend.  Who cares?    Its baseball season, baby!  Two dry patches of concrete is a perfect place for a long toss.  I remember doing “Situations” in my high school parking lot with snow mounds 10 foot high and my coach purposely hitting balls up into the slush and ice, then giving me shit when I missed my cut-off.  “ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD, BOYS,” we were told.  He was right (except for the ice caked on the ball, that was real).  I loved that stuff.  Makes a group of guys into a team.  For all of you in the South, cherish every blade of grass.  Get down and kiss it.  For the cold weather kids, don’t take it for granted—its a blessing.

Another sign of the season is all the awesome gear coming out of Florida and Arizona.  So much stuff to cover, luckily we’re putting it all together for you right here.

Another beautiful glove from Leather Head Sports, the T-DHC 1175 PRO Wing-Tip style.  This glove isn’t available on their site just yet, but it IS in stock in black and tan at 201-857-4647.

Oregon State catchers? helmets with the matte finish is just dirty.

Fresh Marucci piece.  So purdy.

Bryce Harper’s digicamo Evoshield.

Prime Time.

via @HMein

via @HMein

Engraved Chandler lumber for Felician College from Chandler’s Marketing Director, Hannah Mein.

Rawlings has been hitting us with a barrage of pro gloves, these the first “neon” gloves I’ve ever seen.  Lets hope they’re the last.

Much more palatable, Will Middlebrooks got a Pro Preferred PRO1000-6JB.  Last season, Middlebrooks wore a Wilson A2000 G5, as seen in our profile.  NOTE: Its important to mention that it is extremely common for MLB guys to get gloves from multiple manufacturers since every manufacturer wants to convince as many guys as they can to use their glove.  THIS DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE GOING TO USE THEM IN GAMES.  We have to wait and see on Opening Day what the guys actually go to battle with.

Justin Upton’s new PROS303.  Here’s our profile on him from last year.  His 2014 version looks a whole lot like Jayson Heyward’s and is available at this link.  BJ’s looks like a Torii Hunter model PROTB24B.

Edwin Encarnacion’s Toronto/Dominican-style Rawlings 1B mitt, most likely a colorful version of the PROFM20KB, Adrian Gonzalez’ Modified Pro H game model.

Cliff Lee looking like somebody stole his birthday cake with a new Rawlings Pro Preferred with a finger hood.

Byron Buxton, MLB’s #1 prospect, with a crisp black Rawlings Pro Preferred glove.

Here’s the #1 prospect again, this time showing off his UA rack, including the Spine Highlight ST, Natural Low, and Spine Low (some confusion in the name but UA likes to repeat names)

A beautiful chocolate-colored H-Web for Anthony Gose.

This is definitely the most interesting post of the last few days.  Phillips indirectly told WPW a couple of weeks ago that he was going to be picking up his new glove this week and here it is.  I can tell you honestly, I don’t like LOUD for the sake of loud.  But this thing made me weak in the knees.  We are working on getting you guys an in-depth look at this beast.  Stay tuned.

Wil Myers with some fully custom UA Spines with an inexplicable taxi-colored sole.  I know the Rays have that subtle gold in their unis, and that looks great, but this is not the way to compliment that.  In fact, there is no reason at all for yellow/gold to be involved in any way.  This is the first we’ve seen him in something other than the Yard 5/8 ST.  Check his profile here.

Sogard fell JUST short of becoming the Face of the MLB, and what a face it would have been.  A first for WPW, we asked fellow Athletic, Jeremy Barfield, what model “nerd glasses” Sogard wears.  Kaenon 401s in Tortoise Clear, available here.

Hank Conger’s new Mizuno leather.

Jose Iglesias looks like he’s got some new Mizuno leather too—check the 2014 highlight reels for more looks.

Ditto for Ian Desmond, who has the triple cross-stitched lace on the strap.  Mizuno—if you’re reading this, we’d love to see more of this glove.  E-mail me!

Franklin looks to be flirting with the idea of bringing the Player Classics back, a glove available to the pros, but not us.  I have a hunch they might be coming back soon.

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